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Julian Bell 'Darvaza' 2010

Passing Through Alchemical Fire

Mars Rx Conjunct The Lunar South Node

Planet Mars

The protector, defender, and the blood lust God of War has traveled across the sky in tandem with the lunar south node since mid-May of this year. It will remain in orb until mid-October. We are brought up close and personal with our chosen priorities and how we have acted on them, or not. Our feet are being held to the fire.

On June 8th, 2018, Mars will make its first partile conjunction to the Lunar South Node at 7° Aquarius 09’.  The chart for this event is dominated by 2 T-squares. Mars on the lunar axis squares Uranus in one hemisphere, and squares Jupiter on the other. These two dynamic elements will combine later in the summer to form a fixed grand cross. The Moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries, ruled by the Mars-nodal axis alignment.

Circumstances regarding issues of healing and mentoring will be exhumed and brought up into awareness. Planet Venus in Cancer separates from trines to Jupiter and Neptune forming an emotionally charged water element grand trine that is kited by Pluto in Capricorn. Intuition, visions, dreams, and desire all collaborate to drive our evolutionary path forward.


Mars is the first planet that is “superior” to the Earth. When we view Mars in the sky we are gazing outwards toward the larger gaseous giants of our solar system. Both Mercury and Venus travel within the Earth’s orbit, closer to the Sun. Mercury, Venus, and Mars comprise a psychic chain. Thought and ideation is drawn outward through attraction or aversion into action or inaction. The dynamic interaction that occurs between these personal planets arises from our core, passes through an alchemical fire, and is propelled outward.


As the ruler of the sign of Aries, the initiatory archetype of the Fire element, Mars correlates to the primordial self-actualizing force that permeates the Cosmos. Mars is energy that arises spontaneously, impulsively, instinctively, seeking outer form. Arising in consciousness the thought form is prioritized with desire, and manifested as actualized choice. Mars is the primal, self-actualizing impulse that expresses as “I am that I am”. At his best Mars is courageous, bold, and daring. He is the fearless pioneer and the wide-eyed explorer. In his shadow he becomes aggressive, filled with rage, and obsessively self-centered.

Mars Retrograde

Mars will retrograde from June 26 to August 27, 2018. The two T-squares found in the first Mars-nodal axis chart are still active. In this chart we have Venus adding to the celestial mix as she conjoins the lunar north node, opposes Mars, and squares Jupiter. A third T-square is formed by the Cancer Sun opposing Saturn in his native Capricorn, both squaring Chiron reinforcing the themes of emotional wounding, healing, and mentoring.



From a geocentric perspective, as a faster moving planet orbits past a slower moving planet, the slower moving planet appears to stand still and then move backwards. You can observe this phenomenon onthe highway when you pass another vehicle. From your perspective, the other vehicle is moving backwards. Because the opportunity exists for objectivity, retrograde cycles express as an Aquarian archetype. Its energetic frequency also recycles, allowing a period of introspection and retrospection. Relative to planet Mars, the focus will be on our most recent behavior and the choices we made in that regard. Did we have the courage of our convictions? Did we lash out at someone because they reminded us of something in ourselves that we don’t like? Did we attend to our own emotional or physical needs exclusively without regard for others? I love the quote from the movie, The Exotic Marigold Hotel.  “It will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it is because it is not the end.”


From the end of July to the end of August we will all have the opportunity to look at these situations and change the structure of that interpersonal transaction. During the retrograde cycle, Mars will conjoin the lunar south node 3 times.

June 8, 2018   7° Aquarius 9'

July 20, 2018   5° Aquarius 56' Rx

Sept 26, 2018  4 Aquarius 10'

At the heart of the retrograde cycle, the July conjunction of Mars and the lunar south node will occur at 5° Aquarius 56’. On that day, a fixed grand cross is formed. Mars Retrograde in Aquarius squares the Moon, Jupiter, and Uranus, and opposes the Sun. The Sun in Cancer conjoins Pallas Athene and the Lunar North Node in Leo. The placement of the Sun by sign, house, and aspect reveals the nature of our life purpose. With the lunar north node in

Leo, new potentials will be revealed and awakened to actualize our life purpose. The Moon in Scorpio rules the Sun’s current sign. The Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio oppose Uranus in Taurus. The two oppositions square each other.  This conjunction occurs in the midst of the eclipse cycle, only 1 week before the total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018. The archetype of this cross is doubled in on itself as the Moon is the ruler of the Sun.



For most of the next 7 years Uranus will transit through the sign of Taurus, ruled by Venus as her inner expression. Venus in Virgo applies to an opposition to Neptune in his native Pisces. Venus sextiles Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter is applying to a last quarter trine to Neptune. Saturn separates from a last quarter trine to Uranus. Chiron in Aries trines the Sun, opposes the Moon, and squares Saturn.


There are 4 creative quintiles. Venus forms a gibbous biquintile with Mars. Venus forms a gibbous quintile with the lunar south node. Saturn forms a crescent quintile with Neptune... read more

Awakening to An Emerging Global Community 2018 Forecast

"Up from Earth's Centre through the Seventh Gate rose,

And on the Throne of Saturn sate;

And many a Knot unravel'd by the Road;

But not the Master-knot of Human Fate."

--Omar Khayyam

Saturn, the Ringed Planet, alias the Lord of Karma has returned to his native home in the sign of Capricorn in 2018. If the natural zodiac is his birth chart then isn't this his Saturn return? Saturn corresponds to time and space and correlates to our perceived 3D reality. He is Gravity and the initializing force of involution, as Life Force comes into the Earth; Spirit is engraved into Time and Space. Saturn is the structure of consciousness. Everything in the cosmos is conscious. Like water, consciousness takes the form of whatever space it enters into--man, animal, plant, stone, or single-celled organism. We 'try on' different truths as we grow, and keep the ones that fit. As we change physical shape with age, our spiritual ‘shape’ shifts as well. Saturn patterns the cycles of aging, formatted by our values and their resultant priorities. The cycles of Saturn correlate to not just physical growth, but to Soul growth; the growth of consciousness.

The current transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn has upended the world, as we know it. Saturn will reinforce and support Pluto’s unfolding dynamic, as the God of the Underworld completes his transit through Saturn's sign, watermarked by their conjunction 2 years from now in January 2020.

As the year opens we find Saturn in close company with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto. The quality of our incoming life force, the clarity of our perceived meaning, and the desire to evolve all carry the Time Lord’s substantial imprint. Saturn’s fated necessity begins with self-responsibility and ends with the acquisition of a new foundation of skills and mastery. The current transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn has upended the world, as we know it. Saturn will reinforce and support Pluto’s unfolding dynamic, as the God of the Underworld completes his transit through Saturn's sign, watermarked by their conjunction 2 years from now in January 2020. The grounded, initializing energy that Saturn brings to the equation will potentially seed new designs in the world around us. Pluto is currently conjunct the south node of Saturn; Saturn is the ruler of it’s own south node. Planetary nodes reveal the evolutionary axis of the particular planet just as the lunar nodes reveal the evolutionary axis of the Soul through its egocentric emotional body, the Moon. ...READ MORE

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