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Awakening to An Emerging Global Community 2018 Forecast

"Up from Earth's Centre through the Seventh Gate rose,

And on the Throne of Saturn sate;

And many a Knot unravel'd by the Road;

But not the Master-knot of Human Fate."

--Omar Khayyam

Saturn, the Ringed Planet, alias the Lord of Karma has returned to his native home in the sign of Capricorn in 2018. If the natural zodiac is his birth chart then isn't this his Saturn return? Saturn corresponds to time and space and correlates to our perceived 3D reality. He is Gravity and the initializing force of involution, as Life Force comes into the Earth; Spirit is engraved into Time and Space. Saturn is the structure of consciousness. Everything in the cosmos is conscious. Like water, consciousness takes the form of whatever space it enters into--man, animal, plant, stone, or single-celled organism. We 'try on' different truths as we grow, and keep the ones that fit. As we change physical shape with age, our spiritual ‘shape’ shifts as well. Saturn patterns the cycles of aging, formatted by our values and their resultant priorities. The cycles of Saturn correlate to not just physical growth, but to Soul growth; the growth of consciousness.

The current transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn has upended the world, as we know it. Saturn will reinforce and support Pluto’s unfolding dynamic, as the God of the Underworld completes his transit through Saturn's sign, watermarked by their conjunction 2 years from now in January 2020.

As the year opens we find Saturn in close company with the Sun, Venus, and Pluto. The quality of our incoming life force, the clarity of our perceived meaning, and the desire to evolve all carry the Time Lord’s substantial imprint. Saturn’s fated necessity begins with self-responsibility and ends with the acquisition of a new foundation of skills and mastery. The current transit of Pluto through the sign of Capricorn has upended the world, as we know it. Saturn will reinforce and support Pluto’s unfolding dynamic, as the God of the Underworld completes his transit through Saturn's sign, watermarked by their conjunction 2 years from now in January 2020. The grounded, initializing energy that Saturn brings to the equation will potentially seed new designs in the world around us. Pluto is currently conjunct the south node of Saturn; Saturn is the ruler of it’s own south node. Planetary nodes reveal the evolutionary axis of the particular planet just as the lunar nodes reveal the evolutionary axis of the Soul through its egocentric emotional body, the Moon. ...READ MORE

2018 Forecast by Sun Sign

ARIES 2018 Overview Break the mold this year Aries. Just because something seems safe and familiar does not make it the right choice. Experiment. Find your instinctive originality. Pay attention to your dreams. Your greatest challenges this year will be about finding your own authentic self as part of community. LOVE Relationships can be powerful and deep this year but will require deep commitment. Relationship with others is determined by relationship with self. You can build new relationship foundations through compassion and forgiveness starting with yourself. Something or someone from the past re-emerges. Consider others needs first. Get out and about. If you want to attract authenticity be authentic. HEALTH The onset of winter may bring a health challenge. Wellness is a proactive endeavor. Get real about your health and take charge this year. If you make some healthy choices early in the year you will begin to see results in the spring. MONEY/CAREER Aries, this is a year that real progress can be made in your career. Hard work is going to pay off. Take initiative, take responsibility, stay grounded. If you have a ruffle with a higher up or co-worker find common ground. TAURUS 2018 Overview Stand in your own power this year, Taurus, but do not isolate yourself. Release the bull from its labyrinth. Let go of what you think you know about yourself and be open to new adventures. Suppress any impulse to withdraw back into yourself. Get out, explore and build a new understanding of who you really are. Your greatest challenges this year will be about balancing home life and work. LOVE Your relationships can take on new groundwork. Relationships are challenging because we meet the best and worst of ourselves in others. Stay in dialog with your partners. Allow give and take. Set the boundaries that you need. Share authority. You will have opportunities to meet many new people this year as well as revisit old relationships. Some of these may feel fated in some way. If you want to build a good relationship with someone else, strengthen your relationship with yourself. Trust your instincts. HEALTH There is potential to be nervous or get excited at times. Be careful when working with tools, equipment, and driving. Good health is a vital resource. You have good support this year to begin to proactively heal any wound or infirmity you might have. This year is a good time to review the ideas and beliefs that you have about wellness and how you have structured your self-care. MONEY/CAREER You may be asked to take on a heavier workload this year that will open opportunities for new originality. Go all in. You have hidden support. Early spring holds the promise of a new beginning. Stay focused. Keep your feet on the ground. GEMINI 2018 Overview This year might feel like it has a life of its own. You could be drawn back and forth between feeling alienated and wanting to share your ideas and beliefs with others. Beneath the surface something that you believed to be solid is fractured and shifting. Embrace your originality. Think different. Your greatest challenges this year will be finding the balance between your opinions and beliefs and those of others. LOVE Someone or some event related to the past resurfaces. Something that seems ephemeral is seeking solidity. There are dreams as well as challenges ahead and you are equipped to meet them, heart first, head on. January could bring crises that necessitate immediate attention. The summer will bring ‘warmer temperatures’. In the late fall and early winter you will feel like a page has turned and are in a more natural emotional environment in relationship. HEALTH Your life force is strong this year but pay attention to your nervous system and overloading it. Watch out for adrenal fatigue. MONEY/CAREER Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Steer clear of the naysayers, the ones you know, the ones inside your head. If you drill down into your work and build a strong foundation your dreams will have the legs they need. You can achieve great things in a series of small acts. It might seem sometimes like a struggle. Just stay the course. CANCER 2018 Overview It might seem like there are strong pressures pulling you in opposite directions this year. The tension might between your emotions and your desire to keep a stiff upper lip. You might feel alone or alienated. You might feel that someone, a partner or an authority figure is keeping you down. There could be classic gender assignment issues, a woman in a man’s world, a woman in a man’s body. Find the balance of your anima and animus. Your greatest challenges this year will come in the area of how you perceive your own resources and what you think that you need to receive from others. Empower yourself. You innately have everything that you need to be fulfilled. LOVE Relationships can take a firmer stance, or seem to be scarce. Allow your authentic, emotional nature to surface. Forgive yourself. Allow yourself to be forgiven. Allow yourself to be yourself. What you say to others that might be misunderstood. Choose your words carefully. Fate may seem to be at work at times. Surrender and just let it ride.

"Good fences make good neighbors."

Capricorn New Moon

An archetypically saturated new moon will initiate a celestial pause on Tuesday, January 16th as Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Pluto, and Black Moon Lilith all congregate in Capricorn with the New Moon perfecting at 26° Capricorn 54’.  Uranus, Eris, and Pallas Athene in Aries are a in tense angle to Mars-Jupiter in Scorpio that overlays an apprehensive atmosphere to the lunation, augmented by a maybe-not-so-gentle prod from Mars-Jupiter-Scorpio-Chiron in Pisces booster shot. Most recently studied Ceres is in a tight retrograde hug with the Leo lunar north node--which will have much to “say” in the coming weeks as the this years first eclipse season unfolds.  Is the Ceres nodal axis deep embrace about something found, or is it grief for something lost?


At the New Moon, the shadow of the Earth falls across the moon blocking the Sun’s rays. The Sun’s radiance and reflection is withdrawn. We too withdraw in order to find our inner reflection. Recent relationship dynamics, shifting personal values and priorities, and other cosmic imperatives are necessitating the redefining of our personal, and collective boundaries, and the establishment of new limitations, both for our selves and within our shared space with others. The planetary energies are going to continue ramping up as we approach the Leo Lunar and the Aquarius Solar Eclipses that will align over the next 4 weeks. Subtle magnet Venus draws in what’s next for self-fulfillment, be it experience needed to move on, or gift received for past efforts. Confrontations between self will and the needs of the greater community can spew forth in disquieting new magnitudes. We are passing through a vivid period requiring the synthesis of uninhibited self-actualization and conscious self-awareness. What is the source of the desires and impulses that are arising for us now?  Are we responding or reacting? Is some one or some thing triggering our emotional support structure?  Are we acting consciously in the moment or is it just the unconsidered as a result of the emotional chemicals coursing through our bloodstream? Are we going to finally learn to abandon our illusion of separateness and realize our connection to all that is? How we are working with this seeming “dark night of the Soul” will be the determinant of the processes we will experience during this coming eclipse season.

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