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Cy GAVIN  "Aubade II Spittal Pond" 2016  courtesy the Whitney Museum

Autumnal Equinox 2018 Finding Balance In Turbulent Times

There is a voice inside of you

that whispers all day long,

'I feel that this is right for me,

I know that this is wrong.'

No teacher, preacher, parent, friend

or wise man can decide

what's right for you - just listen to

the voice that speaks inside.

--Shel Silverstein

The Autumnal Equinox occurs as the Sun enters the tropical sign of Libra on September 22nd in the northern hemisphere, and September 23rd, 2018 in southern hemisphere. Venus, the Goddess of Sensuality, Desire, and Relationship, rules Libra as her outer yang expression.  Libra is about balance... finding balance between the anima and animus within ourselves, and in the world. Finding the balance between ourselves and others in the world. Wherever Libra resides in the natal chart, the nature of 7th House, and of Venus, the Goddess herself, correlates to where we pull others into our lives, and to where we are drawn together with others as well. In the 7th house and Libra we project our core essential needs for survival, defined by Venus working through her Yin inner expression in zodiacal Taurus and the 2nd House. Those necessities and priorities emotionally generate the magnetic frequencies that become our energetic matrix of attraction or repulsion. Venus magnetic nature exerts the pull that we call the law of attraction drawing in people and circumstances, hopes, dreams, fears and obsessions.


At this equinox, Venus is transiting Scorpio. Relationships and outer world circumstances can create powerful currents of direct emotional experiences that  take us to the edge. Venus is in a full phase opposition to Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Compromise is elusive as opposing and compelling forces collide like tectonic plates. A tight facilitating trine is formed to Grandmother Moon and spiritualizing Neptune, both in Neptune's native, sometimes unfathomable, watery realm of Pisces. Sensitivity and receptivity are heightened. Dreams might be more vivid. Emotions run deep. We feel the need to merge with something undefinable that is much greater than ourselves. Idealism drives the pursuit of our essential needs. We seek not just meaning, but ultimate meaning and ultimate Truth.  The old paradigm is dying as we collectively  dream a new one.


Venus is approaching her 40-day retrograde cycle, from October 5th to November 16th, spanning most of the Fall season. As the Goddess reverses her path, and travels inwards, and downwards through Scorpio she will provide ample time and opportunity to examine the nature and quality of our relationships, but also how we are evolving through those relationships. There will also be necessary focus on where our priorities lie, how we have expressed and acted upon them, and how well they have served us.


At the equinox…


Mercury has just emerged from the “heart of the Sun”, less than 2 degrees from Sol, fully resonant with the need to express and self-actualize the saturation of solar vitality. Mercury embodies our personal narrative--read more

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"God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign, No More Water But Fire Next Time" ---From The Negro Spiritual “Mary Don’t You Weep” The Summer Eclipses 2018 Part 1: There Be Dragons Here

Have you ever wondered about how it is, that at the time of a total solar eclipse the Moon  is  exactly the same size as the Sun, relative to where we stand on Earth? And that during a total lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth is again remarkably the same size as the Moon? How can this be? Why is this so?  You can’t make this stuff up. A whisper from Great Mystery?


Eclipses have fascinated and terrified observers of the sky since ancient times. The Mesopotamians believed a solar eclipse prophesied the death of a king. The ancient Chinese thought solar eclipses occurred when a dragon in the sky tried to swallow the sun.  The dragon theme persists in ancient European texts, the north, or ascending node becomes the dragon's head, Caput Draconis and the south, or descending node becomes dragon's tail, Cauda Draconis. The dragon theme has been maintained for 5000 years in  Vedic astrology; the ascending node ☊ is called Rahu and the descending node ☋ is called Ketu.


The dragon devouring its tail is one of the oldest mystical symbols.  Called, the Ouroboros, its name originates from the Greek  oura meaning "tail" and boros meaning "eating", thus "he who eats the tail".  The Ouroboros correlates to the perpetual cycle of the  renewal of life -- the concept of eternal return.

Eclipses occur when a new  or  full moon occurs within 17° 25’ of the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are the actual points in space where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the  ecliptic, or the  circle described by the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The ascending (or north) node is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the descending (or south) node is where the Moon enters the

southern ecliptic hemisphere. These 2 powerful energetic  crossroads mark the liminal time and space where the Moon and Earth weave their individual planetary frequencies in their diurnal motion. The intensity of eclipses is due to the fact that the lunar  nodal axis correlates directly to the evolutionary axis. Self-actualization occurs across this life current.  The dragon's head and the dragon's tail synthesize in the present moment through the direct emotional experience of the natal moon. Transiting nodes describe the apparent, momentary orientation, relative to the original evolutionary intention.

The Lunar South Node is the composite of the Soul’s recent lunar experiences. Held in cellular memory are the triumphs and tragedies of the past, including the  repositories of loves lost and found. The lunar south node is the self we gravitate to by default. It is who we have been for many lifetimes. It is a place of familiarity and security. more

Julian Bell 'Darvaza' 2010

Passing Through Alchemical Fire

Mars Rx Conjunct The Lunar South Node

Planet Mars

The protector, defender, and the blood lust God of War has traveled across the sky in tandem with the lunar south node since mid-May of this year. It will remain in orb until mid-October. We are brought up close and personal with our chosen priorities and how we have acted on them, or not. Our feet are being held to the fire.

On June 8th, 2018, Mars will make its first partile conjunction to the Lunar South Node at 7° Aquarius 09’.  The chart for this event is dominated by 2 T-squares. Mars on the lunar axis squares Uranus in one hemisphere, and squares Jupiter on the other. These two dynamic elements will combine later in the summer to form a fixed grand cross. The Moon is conjunct Chiron in Aries, ruled by the Mars-nodal axis alignment.

Who am I... Why am I here... What are my lessons? Our lives are driven by Fate and Destiny. How do we know the difference?

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The Evolutionary Archetype of Mercury

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Circumstances regarding issues of healing and mentoring will be exhumed and brought up into awareness. Planet Venus in Cancer separates from trines to Jupiter and Neptune forming an emotionally charged water element grand trine that is kited by Pluto in Capricorn. Intuition, visions, dreams, and desire all collaborate to drive our evolutionary path forward.


Mars is the first planet that is “superior” to the Earth. When we view Mars in the sky we are gazing outwards toward the larger gaseous giants of our solar system. Both Mercury and Venus travel within the Earth’s orbit, closer to the Sun. Mercury, Venus, and Mars comprise a psychic chain. Thought and ideation is drawn outward through attraction or aversion into action or inaction. The dynamic interaction that occurs between these personal planets arises from our core, passes through an alchemical fire, and is propelled outward. read more

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