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Robert VICKREY "The Labyrinth"

2017 Forecast

The Year of the Uninvited Guest

Awakening Activism Doing No Harm

Whether or not the Age of Aquarius is actually upon us is a matter of long debate, but it is clear that 2017 will be a year infused with the deep base notes of Aquarius, and its ruler Uranus. Uranus is the Great Awakener. He arouses us from our sleep, when and where needed. Correlating to the mythic archetype of Prometheus, Uranus is strong-willed, self-empowered, and aloof. The archetype correlates to the higher mind and to those thoughts and ideas that seem to come to us of their own volition. Rebellious, disruptive, erratic, and unconventional, Uranus correlates to the process of individuation, as our  individuality and creativity find expression as part of the collective. When Uranus transits, one of two things happen...we can get sucked into the psychodrama, or we can objectify the event and make a considered response.


Uranus and dwarf planet Eris meet up in Aries every 500 years or so. Eris was the uninvited guest of Greek mythology, credited with igniting the Trojan War. During the last transit of Eris through the sign of Aries, the Inquisition cleansed Spain and her colonies of dissidents and infidels. During the same period, armed invasion and invader-born diseases decimated  the indigenous people of North and South America.


The current transit of Eris, which began in 1926, has hosted two Uranus-Eris conjunctions.  The first meet-up began with the Wall Street Crash of 1929 leading to the Great Depression, the rise of Adolph Hitler, and the outbreak of World War II. Uranus and Eris  aligned in June and September, 2016.  In May, the Panama Papers,  11.5 million confidential documents, exposed the off-shore holdings of many noted personalities and heads of state. One month later, in June, at the first exact conjunction, Brexit occurred as the UK voted to leave the European Union. In November, within a month of the second conjunction, this time with both Uranus and Eris retrograde, Donald Trump was elected POTUS.

"SHOCK brings success.

Shock comes-oh, oh!

Laughing words -ha, ha!

The shock terrifies for a hundred miles,

 And he does not let fall the sacrificial spoon and chalice."

--I Ching,  51. Chen  The Arousing  (Shock, Thunder)

"Chaos has the function of destructing what has become crystallized, opening the space for new form to emerge. Discomfort dislodges emotional inertia, initiating action. This archetypal signature of the invited guest underlines the entire year of 2017."

In contrast to this litany of cataclysms, Teresa of Avila, Cesar Chavez, Fidel Castro, Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Jacqueline Onassis Kennedy, and Andy Warhol were all born during a conjunction of Uranus and Eris in Aries.  Examination of their birth charts reveals them to be non-conforming, rebellious spirits who were core facilitators in the advancement of human potentials during their time in history. Eris is the grain of sand transformed into the pearl. Chaos has the function of destructing what has become crystallized, opening the space for new form to emerge. Discomfort dislodges emotional inertia, initiating action. This archetypal signature of the invited guest underlines the entire year of 2017.

Vladimir KUSH, unknown title

As the year begins, Uranus in Aries is separating from its now famous square to Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter in Libra opposes Uranus.  Jupiter squares Pluto. This sets up a Cardinal T-square between these three planetary giants that will persist through April 2017. Jupiter and Uranus correlates to how we collectively self-actualize according to what we believe to be true. The opposition creates inner and outer events that expose how we are thinking  and speaking one way, but acting in another. Crises are initiated in succession, one after another exposing the discrepancy between fact and fiction.  In cardinal signs this will initiate either proactive or reactive crisis responses. As evolutionary catalyst, Pluto creates the inner and outer experiences that provide direct emotional experiences. These deeply felt inner and outer events catalyze with a new truth that releases us from the limits we have placed on our thoughts, feelings and emotions. This cardinal T-square will initiate crises  exposing dramatic discrepancies between what we believe to be true, resounding in our inner and outer voices, as well as the voices of others, amplified displays of authority, and radical self-entitlement. There is great potential for clash of beliefs leading to violent outrage and push-back. We will be confronted with the uncomfortable consequences of the choices that  have been made. Each of us is the embodiment of what we believe to be true. An initiation process is unfolding as we adapt to new realities. When we hunker down in how we are self-identified, conflict is created. Imbalances in all of our relationships will be revealed including our own relationships with what we think and believe, and the choices we make, as a result. The weight of consensus is influencing our choices. In the relationship between Jupiter and Pluto we are seeing how “what has come before” has structured what we believe to be true. Uranus in Aries is generating traumas that allow new ideas and understanding so that growth can be an unfolding of natural Soul expression. Uranus awakens the ego towards Soul realization by generating both epiphanies and traumas


Mars, the dispositor of Uranus in Aries, transits from Pisces to Gemini for the period of this T-square. These are the deepest places within the human psyche--our effluent and elusive connection to soul, our raw instinctive desire to be, our core need to survive, and our framework for understanding our outer world.  Mars correlates to our conscious choices. The transit will fire up these most personal realms, relative to the dynamics of the T-square.


Venus, the dispositor  of Jupiter in Libra transits from Pisces to Aries, preparing for her 6-week retrograde in April, bringing increased focus on core authenticity in all of our affairs. We move across the Ascendant,  'birth horizon' of our lives, correlating to our essential orientation to time and space, our physical bodies, and our purest instinct to be 'who we are'.  This is the point of birth, the initiation of identity. The actualization of potential


Saturn in Sagittarius, the dispositor of Pluto in Capricorn will forms a Disseminating Trine to Uranus all year, perfecting in May and November. Trines are powerful facilitators but we must engage with them consciously to achieve results. In this case we are being asked to accept responsibility for the trauma and chaos by awakening our activism, but at the same time doing no harm. Saturn will  pause and regroup for 4 months as it stations retrograde from April to August before entering his own sign of Capricorn late in December 2017. Saturn will make more one pass over  and review the structural integrity of what he has or has not accomplished, and where responsibility and authority lie, all  under Jupiter's truthful scrutiny .

The first eclipse season of 2017 occurs in February in the self versus others archetypes of Aries-Libra and Leo-Aquarius. Belief systems are shattered and rebuilt as what we recognize what we believe to be truth implodes.  March steams up as Jupiter perfects its opposition to Uranus and its square to Pluto. The two eclipses sandwich the last conjunction of Uranus and Eris which occurs on March 17th, 2017.  They will remain in orb of the conjunction through 2018 however, the influence will  extend out to the event horizon.

The radical reconstruction program that began in 2008 with the entrance of Pluto into the sign of Capricorn continues on, uninterrupted, and  initiates the next phase of reformation even as Uranus withdraws from its epic 3-year long square to Pluto. Our values and guiding principles, even our very survival is challenged and pushed to the limit of what we consider to be 'reality'. Change is no longer a choice, it becomes imperative.

"Dramas parade across the life stage with emotional pageantry, illuminating the darkest corners of our culture and our personal lives."

Voices will be raised with increasing volume and vehemence that speak a truth  that re-expresses a collective vision to create a society grounded in universal natural law instead of the current patriarchal, and often pathological, consensus reality. A more androgynous collective identity emerges, wounded, forgiving, yet heroic, and seeking reconnection.


Eclipses occur in cycles and the solar eclipses of 2017 refer back to 1998, with interesting implications. During that year the the POTUS was under siege from  accusations from Paula Jones and the Lewinsky scandal.

On May 9, 2017 the lunar nodes will enter the signs of Leo and Aquarius. This will  restate the already intense mix of Aquarian energy, laying a foundation beneath the Uranus transits. The shocks and awakenings along this evolutionary pathway will reverberate at the personal level, as well as through the collective. Leo correlates to our creative self-expression. Our primary creation is our Self. Leo is "me".  Aquarius is "everyone else". The Leo-Aquarius polarity expresses in a positive way as conscious self-creation; an objective self-awareness that keeps an inner space open for self-reflection and proactive

Molood MAZAHERI, Selfish Man"

self-adjustment. The objectivity of Aquarius blends with Leo's self-focus  unifying and balancing the polarity.  In it's shadow, Leo holds the space for dramatic displays of egotism and narcissism. The personality can become self-absorbed adopting the perspective that everyone else is somehow just background to their universe.


Aquarius takes Leo's egoic desire for self-expression and projects it outward as creative individuality within the collective. As our individual identities are transformed, so the identity of our mass consciousness will also change. Dramas  parade across the life stage with emotional pageantry, illuminating the darkest corners of our culture and our personal lives. In it's shadow, Aquarius and it's ruler Uranus correlate to the individuated unconscious, our personal repository of the repressed memories of events that we would like to think are dead and buried. They are buried, but they are not dead. Uranus correlates to the trauma associated with these painful events as well as the PTSD that can result, and projects these memories back up into our awareness often with  dramatic flair.


The lunar nodes are the evolutionary pathway, from karmic past to probable  future, referenced and activated in every present moment by the Moon. From our deepest emotional well,  new visions emerge  initiating a diversity  of realizations as a result of the chaos caused by loss, frustration, pain, and despair. Past traumas are therapeutically exhumed over the next 19-month period as the lunar south node transits the sign of Aquarius. A new identity--exuberant, creatively expressive, and needing recognition, holds the center for the potentials and the probabilities of the lunar north node as it journeys through the sign of Leo. Exuberance can show up as displays of radical self importance and self-entitlement. We might feel apprehensive regarding survival issues; our values and correlating requisite priorities become focused concerns. Self-righteousness and self-entitlement allows angry words to become violent actions. Self-organizing groups of like minded souls  coalesce.  Long standing programs that are supported by self-interest, elitism, and exclusivity are challenged by humanitarian and egalitarian imperatives.

In August the second eclipse season unfolds along the nodal axis in Leo and Aquarius. The lunar eclipse on August 7th, 2017 occurs at 15° Leo.  15° in any of the fixed signs is a friction point between fixed, stationary energy, and the mutable energy that needs to move, and to evolve and grow, building up stress that potentiates a flash point. This is the point where  Leo archetype begins to transmute into Virgo. In Virgo a crisis of ego occurs.  Uranus and Eris, which only days before have stationed retrograde, trine the lunar north node in Leo. The stark contrasts in beliefs and ideals will create more objective self-awareness.  There will be an increase in traumatic events whose effect will cause the erosion of conditioning patterns. The core role of the archetype of Uranus is to quicken or accelerate the evolution of the Soul itself.


The Leo Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017 occurs at 29° Leo. It is the first total eclipse that will cover the entire continental United States in 38 years. The 29th degree of any sign is a threshold, the final transition from one archetype to another. It is a 'balsamic" dynamic in that whatever is not yet complete must resolve before the transition can occur.

Uranus forms an exact semisquare to Neptune retrograde in Pisces. This potent combination can shock us with new realities and shatter old visions. There is also danger of projected illusion and misperception and misconception of realized experiences. A different future is shown to us that can alternatively inspire, enrage, actualize, and confuse our self-understanding, purpose, and meaning.


Astrology like any other science can only be understood in context. The recent events of our world are mammoth  in their experiential velocity and density. There is barely time to process one event when an even greater reality abducts our attention. It is as if an irrepressible evolutionary tractor beam is drawing us forward. On the astrological event horizon, remarkable moments bleed through the fabric of time. The United States approaches its Plutonian “Soul Birthday” with astrological context that correlates to the most difficult times in American History--the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II.

The truth is that after 241 years, we are still as a nation, polarized by race, economy, and religion.

Tim Yanke, "Yankee Doodle"

As ominous as this portends, each of these cataclysms  forged our national identity. The War of Independence established a republic whose mission was equality, inclusivity, and abundance for all. The War Between the States began the long process of unifying a nation separated by race, economy, and religion. The Second World War brought the United States to the world stage as a leading world power. The truth is that after 241 years, we are still as a nation polarized by race, economy, and religion. Our authority and presence on the world stage is besieged in both hemispheres. The fever is high as we move through this national healing crisis.

"Responsibility (Saturn) falls upon all of us to recognize that we are creating the future (Leo) by our choices (Aries) in the present. This year we must courageously move upward through these evolutionary foothills that are leading to a summit that looms in the 2020's. We are the ones we have been waiting for."

The unthinkable is happening. That's what Uranus does. If it is unexpected, then it's not predictable.  When faced with the unimaginable (Pisces) we must  accept the reality of it for what it is (Capricorn), at face value (Virgo). Truth is radioactive. It can alternatively poison or empower. There is a Sufi proverb that says, “Don’t invite the elephant trainer to dinner if you do not have room for the elephant in your living room.” As 2017 unfolds those who have allowed the elephant into the room will be shocked to begin to learn the consequences of their actions. We don't change until we have direct experience.  When enough people have this particularly uncomfortable direct emotional experience, real change will occur. We face a choice-less awareness. Responsibility (Saturn) falls upon all of us to recognize that we are creating the future (Leo) by our choices (Aries) in the present. This year we must courageously move upward through these evolutionary foothills that are leading to a summit that looms in the 2020's.


We are the ones we have been waiting for.


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