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2018 Forecast by Sun Sign

ARIES 2018 Overview Break the mold this year Aries. Just because something seems safe and familiar does not make it the right choice. Experiment. Find your instinctive originality. Pay attention to your dreams. Your greatest challenges this year will be about finding your own authentic self as part of community. LOVE Relationships can be powerful and deep this year but will require deep commitment. Relationship with others is determined by relationship with self. You can build new relationship foundations through compassion and forgiveness starting with yourself. Something or someone from the past re-emerges. Consider others needs first. Get out and about. If you want to attract authenticity be authentic. HEALTH The onset of winter may bring a health challenge. Wellness is a proactive endeavor. Get real about your health and take charge this year. If you make some healthy choices early in the year you will begin to see results in the spring. MONEY/CAREER Aries, this is a year that real progress can be made in your career. Hard work is going to pay off. Take initiative, take responsibility, stay grounded. If you have a ruffle with a higher up or co-worker find common ground. TAURUS 2018 Overview Stand in your own power this year, Taurus, but do not isolate yourself. Release the bull from its labyrinth. Let go of what you think you know about yourself and be open to new adventures. Suppress any impulse to withdraw back into yourself. Get out, explore and build a new understanding of who you really are. Your greatest challenges this year will be about balancing home life and work. LOVE Your relationships can take on new groundwork. Relationships are challenging because we meet the best and worst of ourselves in others. Stay in dialog with your partners. Allow give and take. Set the boundaries that you need. Share authority. You will have opportunities to meet many new people this year as well as revisit old relationships. Some of these may feel fated in some way. If you want to build a good relationship with someone else, strengthen your relationship with yourself. Trust your instincts. HEALTH There is potential to be nervous or get excited at times. Be careful when working with tools, equipment, and driving. Good health is a vital resource. You have good support this year to begin to proactively heal any wound or infirmity you might have. This year is a good time to review the ideas and beliefs that you have about wellness and how you have structured your self-care. MONEY/CAREER You may be asked to take on a heavier workload this year that will open opportunities for new originality. Go all in. You have hidden support. Early spring holds the promise of a new beginning. Stay focused. Keep your feet on the ground. GEMINI 2018 Overview This year might feel like it has a life of its own. You could be drawn back and forth between feeling alienated and wanting to share your ideas and beliefs with others. Beneath the surface something that you believed to be solid is fractured and shifting. Embrace your originality. Think different. Your greatest challenges this year will be finding the balance between your opinions and beliefs and those of others. LOVE Someone or some event related to the past resurfaces. Something that seems ephemeral is seeking solidity. There are dreams as well as challenges ahead and you are equipped to meet them, heart first, head on. January could bring crises that necessitate immediate attention. The summer will bring ‘warmer temperatures’. In the late fall and early winter you will feel like a page has turned and are in a more natural emotional environment in relationship. HEALTH Your life force is strong this year but pay attention to your nervous system and overloading it. Watch out for adrenal fatigue. MONEY/CAREER Follow your heart. Follow your dreams. Steer clear of the naysayers, the ones you know, the ones inside your head. If you drill down into your work and build a strong foundation your dreams will have the legs they need. You can achieve great things in a series of small acts. It might seem sometimes like a struggle. Just stay the course. CANCER 2018 Overview It might seem like there are strong pressures pulling you in opposite directions this year. The tension might between your emotions and your desire to keep a stiff upper lip. You might feel alone or alienated. You might feel that someone, a partner or an authority figure is keeping you down. There could be classic gender assignment issues, a woman in a man’s world, a woman in a man’s body. Find the balance of your anima and animus. Your greatest challenges this year will come in the area of how you perceive your own resources and what you think that you need to receive from others. Empower yourself. You innately have everything that you need to be fulfilled. LOVE Relationships can take a firmer stance, or seem to be scarce. Allow your authentic, emotional nature to surface. Forgive yourself. Allow yourself to be forgiven. Allow yourself to be yourself. What you say to others that might be misunderstood. Choose your words carefully. Fate may seem to be at work at times. Surrender and just let it ride. HEALTH Sometimes we develop deeply engrained habits that are expose us to substances, people, and environments that are not good for us. Be conscious about what you are putting into your body. When circumstances flare up stay calm to avoid accidents. Think about what is really important instead of what might bring instant gratification. Early winter brings new understanding about being proactive about your health. MONEY/CAREER You have hidden assets this year that can help you accomplish what is closest to your heart. Let your heart lead your head, not the other way around. Try to be more flexible. Embrace your individuality. There could be challenges during the winter. Crises could arise about power and control. LEO 2018 Overview This is your year to roar Leo. Take center stage. Express your creativity and originality. Bring your passion to the world. Keep one hand on the throttle though and don’t let your boundaries dissolve. Hold your head high but keep your feet on the ground. Your greatest challenges will be in balancing your own needs and the needs of your partners. LOVE Be in your open-heart space and the relationships you are hoping to attract will materialize. Get out in public, see and be seen. Pay attention to people who seem to show up out of left field. Hang your flag out there. The ones you are searching for will recognize your colors. If you currently in a relationship, work with what seem to be the struggles to deepen the intimacy. March holds the promise for new beginnings. May could bring a new relationship self-narrative. HEALTH Are you getting enough exercise? Work to maintain your immune system. Stay active mentally. Work to remember your dreams if you can. MONEY/CAREER Bring your inspirations to life. Work with your dreams and visions to create something real. Have the courage to be different. Create yourself in your own image. The Cosmos is producing your personal premier. The curtain goes up in October. VIRGO 2018 Overview Perfection is real. It is also numinous. There is powerful celestial support for your work this year. Take initiative. Believe in yourself. Speak your profound truth. Your greatest challenges this year will be balancing the messages you hear from your inner voice with the sometimes more rational demands of the world around you. LOVE Your soul mate is closer than you think. He or she might be right in front of you and you don’t recognize them. Trust your emotions and empower yourself to be the person that you know you are. Be your own authority. Let your true self emerge through your interactions with the people around you. Look for the balance in all of your relationships. Take others at face value but be aware of those whose mask hides their true nature. Someone from the past could come into your life over the summer or in the fall. Alternatively you might begin to see someone you already know in a new light. HEALTH Old habits can be affecting your health. Take responsibility by being proactive. Your intuition knows what you need. Trust it. MONEY/CAREER You have good support to grow your career and finances this year. Try a new approach. Take some classes. Develop your skills. Get creative. Build a strong foundation for your work. Don’t let you emotions dictate your choices. Dreams can become real. LIBRA 2018 Overview Expand your horizons this year. Allow your individuality to shine. You self image is morphing. Allow the experience of transformation. Your greatest challenges this year will be about finding your authenticity in community. LOVE Your soul mate comes to you in dreams. Find the balance of wholeness and self-love within yourself and they will show up in your outer world. Validate your own emotional nature. Break through the limitation and boundaries that you have created for yourself. Stop giving your love away to others indiscriminately. Take back what you need for yourself. HEALTH Avoid anything that is toxic to you in any way—foods, people, and places. Choose to be conscious about your overall wellbeing. Do a self-check concerning health priorities. Broaden your palette of healthy choices. MONEY/CAREER You are poised at a powerful threshold with your work and finances. Take advantage of the opportunities that are in front of you this year. Develop your relationships at work. Set goals. Through the summer review where you are and redouble your efforts, and you can see results at the end of the year. SCORPIO 2018 Overview Let go of the rigid control Scorpio, and let your dreams fill your imagination. Let your innate creativity emerge. Move into a future that is free from the past. Trust your intuition. Your greatest challenges this year will be about balancing home life and work. LOVE You can meet someone this year that greatly inspires you. Sign up for the adventure. A new cycle of relationship is about to begin. Find the balance between yourself and others. Allow your individuality its expression. HEALTH Balance your activities and keep your body moving. Don’t let an emotional funk pull you down and compromise your immune system. Balance your priorities so that you are not fixated on a single outcome. Let go. Breathe. MONEY/CAREER Stay centered if circumstances seem to go out of control. Find a place of self-love inside of you that offers emotional sanctuary. Don’t worry. Be happy. SAGITTARIUS 2018 Overview If you take the proactive approach to how you are self-actualizing this year, helpers and gifts will show up. Don’t deny the psychic impulses that arise. Follow them. Let them have legs. Trust your intuition. Your greatest challenges this year will be finding the balance between your opinions and beliefs and those of others. LOVE Let your playfulness emerge. Set a new course towards better partnerships. Allow your partners their self-expression while allowing your individuality to shine as well. A new cycle is unfolding that requires commitment. The early spring can bring someone new into your life if you are open to the emotions and feelings that arise from deep within yourself. Love yourself first and then the other will arrive. HEALTH You have great support to achieve optimal health this year. Health is a function of emotional homeostasis. Watch out for times of nervous anxiety. MONEY/CAREER A new money cycle is also unfolding. Money is energy. Open your acceptance to having it without any negative beliefs associated with it. Free yourself from the idea that money is hard to come by. Let it flow. CAPRICORN 2018 Overview Capricorns can expect big changes this year. Develop a stronger sense of responsibility, reorder priorities and examine your close relationships. Where are you finding the real meaning in your life? The second half of the year will bring your awareness to how your life is structured, the foundation upon which it is built, and how you “fit in”. Are you the same as everyone else? How you are different? Your greatest challenges this year will come in the area of how you perceive your own resources and what you think that you need to receive from others. Empower yourself. You innately have everything that you need to be fulfilled. LOVE Emotions run deep in 2018 for Capricorns. The relationship that will be most in focus for you this year is your relationship with yourself. Learning to validate and express your own emotional nature. You will be especially attracted to other people who can also freely express how they are feeling emotionally. Pay attention to what your authentic emotional needs are. Set some limits and boundaries of where others take you. March holds the potential for relationship new beginnings and illuminating the dynamics of current relationships. June holds marked potential for relationship transformation, beginnings and endings. HEALTH Listen to your inner voice. It will tell you everything you need to know about your current state of health. There is good potential to be in control of how you are doing physically, but you will need to be proactive. Keep your distance from anything toxic. MONEY/CAREER You can make some great strides with your work this year if you stay focused and grounded. Work to create good foundations upon which career and finances can grow. Try not to spend impulsively on something that will only temporarily make you feel good. Goals that you have set for yourself and worked towards will be achieved at the end of the year. AQUARIUS 2018 Overview This year can be a break through year for you. You can grain greater objectivity about your self, how you are growing, and how you can contribute to the community. Be inspired. Find the richness in life. The lunar eclipse in February could dislodge some stuff from the past. Stay grounded and objective and work with anything unexpected that arises as unemotionally as possible. Check your facts. The truth can be found but you will have to search for it. Trust your intuition. In the second half of the year take stock of who you are, what your personal resources are. Do not isolate yourself. You greatest challenges will be in balancing your own needs and the needs of your partners. LOVE In February someone from the past might come back into your life. Make sure relationships are what they appear to be. Find the balance of shared authority. Things could heat up in April. Someone that excites you mentally could show up in the spring. Focus on maintaining open dialog with your partners. Don’t be afraid to express and validate your own feelings. Love and commitment can grow, heat up, and deepen in the later part of the year. HEALTH Be proactive with your heath this year. Don’t be led down the path by someone else. Stay strong and independent. Set some limits for yourself health wise. Don’t be impulsive. MONEY/CAREER Work quietly behind the scenes to build something long lasting. Take responsibility, even with your mistakes or miscalculations. Don’t be afraid to innovate. Taking classes and developing your skill set can pay off later in the year. PISCES 2018 Overview This year can be numinous if you allow it. Let your emotions reveal truths that your subjective mind is not telling you. Trust your intuition. Be brave in your pursuit of Truth. Let your torch be your authenticity. Your greatest challenges this year will be balancing the messages you hear from your inner voice with the seemingly more rational demands of the world around you. LOVE Give yourself a big hug Pisces. Swoon in self-love. Shout it from the rooftop. Send yourself a love letter. Paint the moon in the sky. HEALTH Our emotional body is the nourishment for our physical body. Stay active. Don’t hold in your emotions. Stay open to new experiences. Hold this affirmation, “It’s all good. The Universe is here to support me. Everything is already perfect because the world is perfectly imperfect.” MONEY/CAREER The money we have is a function of how much money we think we deserve. Don’t place any emotional or mental limits on what you think you can earn or have. Let your beliefs about money and abundance being the factor that determines what you will receive. You have great potential this year to break the bank.


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