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Andrew HEWITT "Abstract Water Reflection" 1988

We Pick Up Where We Left Off

The Moon, Cancer, & The 4th House

We come headlong into the world, not even knowing if someone will be there to catch us. It is also a fact that literally and figuratively we come into the world with eyes wide open. How is it that we can perform such a feat of spiritual acrobatics? The destination, which is our spiritual navigational bearing, is the single and safest place for us in the Universe—inside our mother’s womb, as the fulfillment of our individual karmic signature.


The earliest known narratives from mythology, folklore, and archaic writings describe the true nature of reality as fecund with the stories of maternal ancestresses, fertility goddesses--the primordial beings who were the vessels of Life Force. We call our own planet Mother Earth. The Creatrice was worshipped as Gaia, Astarte, Inanna, Ishtar, Net, and the Shekinah. She appeared in the collective narrative as Hathor, Durga, Demeter, and Mary. From our faintest and earliest history, the Divine Mother has stood at the core of human existence because human birth was revered as the most sacred event in human experience.


Since earliest times, Astrology has correlated The Moon, the sign of Cancer, and the 4th House to maternity, childbirth, family, and the familiar security that we call home.  According to Chinese philosophy, as “The Receptive”, the passive feminine principle Yin, the Moon is the archetype of the passive inner space carved from No-thing.  Her essential property is to be the passive, energetic shape and form of the Cosmos. All things are composed of light and shadow. The Moon correlates to the Feminine principle in its broadest sense; the dark, which is not light, what is soft and not hard, inward movement towards the center.


The Moon is our most conscious part. The Moon is our moment-to-moment interface with the outer world, through the inner guidance system of our emotions. The Moon tells us in each moment if we are safe, or we are in danger.


The zodiacal sign of Cancer is the archetype of cardinal water, the initiatory point of an elemental triad. Self-awareness arising through the emotional body in Cancer, acquires depth and emotional power in Scorpio, and permeability and inclusiveness in Pisces.


Dr. Masaru Emoto, whose name synchronistically contains the root of the word ‘emotion’, famously revealed a fascinating property of water. Dr. Emoto discovered that water has the facility to absorb and store information. When water is exposed to a unique energetic frequency, it generates a unique crystalline molecule of water relative to that frequency. The receptive nature of water facilitates its functioning as a neutral carrier that can store a infinite diversity of information.


According to Kabbalah, on The Tree of Life, which is a ‘map’ of Divine Consciousness, the Sephira Binah, called “The Supernal Mother” and “Understanding”, correlates to the force that gives the shape and form to the Spirit of God. The astrological correlation to Binah, is Saturn. We know Saturn to be shape and form. But how can Saturn be “The Supernal Mother”? Synchronously, Saturn is the ruler of the sign of Capricorn, Cancer’s polarity. A mother’s womb is also the vessel, the space (Saturn) into which we involve (Capricorn). Capricorn, whose widely accepted correlation is the father (though some schools of astrology do correlate the mother to 10th house), the authority figure, is a feminine, Yin archetype, energy moving inward.


Following the analogy of the structured frequency being crystallized in a drop of water, this ancient teaching suggests that the matrix of our earliest experiences, surrounding our birth, forms an emotional blueprint as the framework of the lifetime. With the awareness that there is no ‘tabula rasa’ at birth, then the circumstances regarding family history, relationships with mother, father, and siblings, and other family members, are of necessity, and by design, re-live experiences, through which we bring unresolved emotional issues forward into the current lifetime, to continue to be worked on.


From lifetime to lifetime, we pick up where we left off. For good reason we are spared the detailed memory of our karmic past. Early childhood emotional circumstances are the re-membering of where we left off and the understanding (Binah) of “where we are” in our current journey of the Soul. From the emotional blueprint of our birth point of entry, and early environment, we build the entire emotional pathway of our lives, the soul lessons we have learned, the soul lessons that we are currently working on, and how this cycle of soul lessons extends out into a probable future.  Modern psychology diverges at this understanding. Freud defined the complexes of adult behavior as the result of early childhood experience. Jung and his successors offer the possibility of the existence of a Soul, an immortal, immutable energetic constellation that exists beyond Time and Space. This allows the understanding that early childhood events are the re-live experiences of an “earlier” time and that a single lifetime is an “arc” of a much greater multidimensional cycle.


Jeffrey Wolf Green has said that we have been with 90% of the people in our lives before. This is especially true about our families and those with whom we are intimately connected, one way or another. It has been suggested that if you would like a reality check of just how evolved you really are, go spend some time with your family.


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