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Rob GONSALVES "New Moon Eclipsed"

Aquarius Full Moon

“So, is it really a lunar eclipse?”

What a fitting question for the August 18th, 2016 Full Moon at 26° Aquarius. Recent events in the news can leave us in stunned disbelief and confusion. Not surprising as Neptune, the planet of illusion and confusion, drifts closer and closer to the lunar south node in Pisces, the shadowed, unresolved past that trails back behind us, which it also rules. Also no surprise, as this full moon in Aquarius is ruled by shockwave planet Uranus.


In fact, to most astrologers, this is not a true eclipse, as the Sun and Moon are more than 18° from the lunar nodes. It will not be visible anywhere on the planet, and will express as only the briefest crescent with almost no shadow. It does however add some additional weight to the intensity of this full moon. It will certainly add to our collective discomfort and sense of things being ‘out of control’.


Leo and Aquarius both correlate to the process of self-actualization. As the second sign of the elemental Fire triad, Leo’s fixed energy pattern coalesces the lessons learned from Aries through Cancer. Instinct becomes personality. Life force takes on individuality and character. The desire to Be is channeled into the evolving process of self-expression. Our self-image as ego is projected outward like a ‘psychic selfie’.


Leo is ‘me’. Aquarius is ‘everyone else’. In Aquarius we self-actualize as a part of the collective. As the Air element, Aquarius mentally projects the life force outward again, growing the personality in the culture of community. Uranus and Aquarius, which it rules, convey transpersonal awareness into consciousness through the facility of the Higher Mind, the source of the inspiration and ‘understanding’ that seems to come to us of its own volition. Uranus correlates to the individuated unconscious, our cellular memory —the repository of repressed traumas that we have experienced on a soul level.  Uranus is also the deconditioning archetype that strips us of the layers of ‘karmic trail dust’ that we have picked up along the way from past lives, parents and family, friends, culture, religion, nationality, and so on. We differentiate ourselves from others, separate from the herd, so to speak, in order to actualize in our own unique way, yet still part of the community. This is a fixed polarity, both Leo and Aquarius seemingly in a strong subjective holding pattern. While Leos are some of the most extroverted people you might know, Aquarians will normally keep their distance and hold their position at arms length from everyone else, still engaged in the common dialog.


Uranus, the ruler of this full moon, forms aspects (7 challenging, 3 facilitating) to every other planet in the sky on August 18th at the full moon. Collective events seem to ‘eclipse’ personal events, as Uranus, revolutionary agent of change, and dwarf planet Eris, initiator of chaos and discord, inch together toward their second powerful conjunction on September 25th in the northern hemisphere, this time with both planets moving retrograde in the sky.


Uranus forms a tight crescent sextile with the Moon and a last quarter trine to the Sun. Individuality can achieve forceful expression. Uranus’s close gibbous bi-quintile to Venus in Virgo distills out clear priorities and goals. The nearly exact gibbous quincunx to Mercury in Virgo brings a discerning, sometimes overly critical edge to the conversation.  Mercury is the current ruler of the lunar north node. Aspects to Mercury activate any potential for our probably future to unfold. The 1st quarter sesquiquadrate to Mars prompts us to make better, more conscious choices.  Uranus’s gibbous quincunx to Jupiter in Virgo potentially challenges us, wanting to strip away ideas and beliefs we have picked up from others that no longer serve us. Saturn in Sagittarius’s gibbous sesquisquadrate to Uranus requires our (albeit personal) truth to be our moral compass. Uranus's liminal new phase semisquare to Neptune in Pisces awakens our collective angst, stirring emotional discontent and dissatisfaction with our collective experience. Uranus’s long-term 1st quarter square to Pluto, the profound base note of this planetary moment, continues to shake and rock our world with events that defy understanding and belief. Our spiritual gyroscopes are finding balance on shifting sands, even as we dodge and weave past the knock-backs and deceits that want to besiege us.


Saturn’s ongoing last quarter square to Neptune has conditioned our world since the beginning of last year and will continue through the end of this year. This is a “crisis in consciousness”2  which is a clash between creating limits on one hand, and lacking boundaries on the other. Neptune and Pisces correlates to our consciousness.  It is the source of dreams and visions, anything which is indefinable, elusive, and nebulous.  It can manifest as poetry, prophecy, and transcendental experience. It can also be mental illness, alcoholism, and addictions of all kinds. This planetary dynamic is bringing individual and collective awareness to issues that have “gone out of bounds”, and need to be reined in.


Mercury is preparing to pass Jupiter in the sky with Venus in hot pursuit, all moving through Virgo, and all 3 planets opposing Chiron in Pisces. Potentials open for a new narrative with others and ourselves. Venus balsamic to Jupiter provides the necessary circumstances to “clean house” of those lingering priorities that we have allowed, but have lost their meaning. The opposition to Venus reminds us of the scars of the past, which can compel us to make different choices. Old wounds surface as reminders; look forward, not back. We need a new narrative that is positive and without conditions or limitation.


The Moon momentarily rests comfortably near asteroid Pallas Athene, progenitor of intellectual creativity, negotiator of peaceful co-existence, and patroness of artisans and craftsmen. Joining the permeable Uranian energy of this event, Pallas sharpens the edge of creativity, ingenuity, and craftsmanship.


The immediacy of asteroid Hygeia in Libra, by partile (exact, same degree) sextile and quincunx to the lunar nodes in Virgo-Pisces raises the specter of potential health and wellness issues.


Mars in Sagittarius is currently burning a path to Saturn. I have recently written much about the upcoming Mars-Saturn-Antares conjunction on August 24th, 2016. Though it does not directly aspect this full moon, adds a large measure of gravity to this particular lunar event.


The Sabian Symbol for the Moon at 26° Aquarius reads:



Not coincidentally, Uranus correlates astrologically to electricity, a form of energy. The sabian symbol tells us that even energy, which in its totality can neither be increased nor decreased, requires essential necessities which much exist for that energy to be present.  Like all other ‘things’ in our multidimensional energetic Cosmos, energy requires focus and Source in order to produce Light.

“When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.”

― Mahatma Gandhi


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