Journey of the Soul--Evolutionary Astrology:Life Path readings that reveal your karmic necessities and evolutionary intentions
Daniel Fiverson Journey of the Soul Evolutionary Astrology School





Learn how to identify the primary themes and signatures in a natal chart.


This class will study and provide practical application of the core principles of Astrology from an EA perspective with the inclusion of understandings offered by other important astrologers, living and deceased. There will be 12 sessions. Each 2 hour class will address a single planetary archetype and its corresponding sign and house, through its astrology, mythology, and astronomy. Optional reading assignments will be available.


We will meet every 2 weeks on Saturdays at 1pm MST starting in April 20th, 2019. Classes will be held online via the Zoom platform which is a free interface. All the classes will be recorded, video and audio.

This class is open to all levels of students with a basic understanding of planet, sign, and house.


The extremely affordable cost of the 24+ hours of course material is $240. The course will end with a free 2-hour class on the July 2019 eclipses.


The cost of the 26 hours of course material is $240. This is an affordable way to learn Evolutionary Astrology with the added dimensionality of understanding the mythology and astronomy as well. Space is limited.


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