Journey of the Soul--Evolutionary Astrology:Life Path readings that reveal your karmic necessities and evolutionary intentions

"Hi Daniel:  I can't express how much better I feel since seeing you.  It was an amazing reading and I am following up on your 3 pieces of advice - Following my Instincts, Intuition and Installing more Boundaries."

--Sofiah N. Albuquerque, NM


"Thank YOU! I certainly have more information as to my current state of emotional distress.  I understand there really is a light at the end of this roughly two+ year tunnel in which I’ve been wandering. It’s been difficult as I believed, felt in my heart, that I’d dealt with this years ago.  Now to have it rear its head again has felt like failure/less than/broken/damaged. Over the years I’ve worked hard, played hard to determine my healthy path so to find myself, at this juncture, in this state of being is discouraging. And yet, I feel, have before meeting you yesterday, that something is soon to break open. Years ago, likely a Liz Green forecast, mentioned age 66 the air will clear and I will see, think and feel with clarity. Your reading reinforced this. I can do this. My apologies for my emotional state during the reading. I imagine this is not the first time you’ve had a client upset, even so, my deepest apologies. I will listened to the reading again and again, each time picking up more information. I will return to you again on my solar return. I will refer you to friends."

Janet R -- Chattanooga, TN


"Hi Daniel!

I went for my walk today and listened to the reading you gave me for my solar return last summer. I wanted you to know that the things you talked to me about seemed vague at the time because they were in the future to some extent.  Likely it was all taking form within me but I couldn't exactly frame it or put a finger on it.  Now, this many months later, they make sense.....with time passing and events unfolding you really were right on target with your insights and your reading of the symbols.

It's overall quite lovely really....some of the "unfoldment" is also helping me with the shocking election we all went through and how to respond and manage that reality....all in all it is all about personal unfoldment, each of our soul's journey...together and individually.  Quite a "Trip" .   Thanks.


Barbara H --Santa Fe, NM


"I have had a personal reading with Daniel, as well as a consultation illuminating the dynamics of my relationship. His work is both catalyzing and uplifting."

--Alan H Santa Fe, NM


"This year I had a reading by Daniel, I loved it. I don't want to tell you about the reading, only that his reading was precise, accurate and easy to understand. It has been helping me to understand myself more.  Contact him, he's awesome!"

-- Lady Luna  Santa Fe, NM


"Hi Daniel, this is a follow up to your reading for me this year.  Everything started moving in that direction swiftly and smoothly 2-3 weeks after the reading. My health improved...I am happy as a clam here. Have met over 45 people so far.  Things are opening up, up and up. THANK YOU for your reading, support and encouragement. I know in my heart I am on the right path."

--Judy H., Palm Springs, CA


"I received a very powerful reading from Daniel today. It was insightful and relevant and I highly recommend his work. Thank you Daniel!"

--Mary Ann H., Grangeville, ID


"Daniel Fiverson is not only a fascinating and well educated evolutionary astrologer, he is also incredibly intuitive. I use the word psychic to describe my reading experience with Daniel. Not only did he give me a precise detailed reading with accuracy and precision, it gave a new found clarity to my past and helped me to pull it into the powerful present with awareness and understanding of where I am going in the future, and how to get there. Daniel described images and phrases verbatim that I display in my home and use to describe what I am working towards in life, while adding meaning and transparency that was immensely helpful. Months later the reading continues to unfold as I find love as Daniel predicted, and synchronicities, as what he mentioned continues to appear in my life. I whole heartedly recommend a reading with Daniel as a truly valuable gift for yourself and your evolution."

-Angela E. Santa Fe, NM


"THANK YOU for your reading, support and encouragement. I know in my heart I am on the right path."

--Judy H., Palm Springs, CA


"O MY GOD, My daughter is liberated, thanks to you and your grasp on reality. I, too, received a (many) blessing yesterday, and was able to see myself through your clear site, your loving eyes, to forgive myself and awaken to the reality of who I really am. I'm happy and blown away."

--Grace W, Santa Fe, NM


"Just had my first reading with Daniel and was extremely impressed with the breadth of his knowledge and his ability to communicate complex concepts. To me, astrology provides a useful construct to examine certain personality traits or noticeable patterns in my life. It can bring to my attention important influences in my life that I might not have recognized before. In my reading, Daniel pointed out how my chart indicates a significant family dynamic that continues to influence many of my interpersonal relationships. This insight helps me understand my motivations and behavior. I seriously can’t imagine that a session with a $400/hour psychiatrist would be any more valuable than the hour I spent talking with Daniel. You don’t have to be a die-hard believer in astrology to give it a try. I bet a lot of people would be fascinated with how on-point a reading can be."

--Debby P. Kansas City, KS


"Daniel, your reading was so evocative, educational, and your demeanor is light, kind, engrossed in what you do. Thank you for a wonderful reading!"

--Grace W. Santa Fe, NM


"Loved my reading! It was perceptive, intuitive and enlightening. Much to think about and mull over.  Many thanks."--Susan W. Santa Fe, NM


"Thanks, Daniel, the reading was wonder-full. Over time we all learn bits and pieces about ourselves. Your reading was profound in that you were able to see and relate in a coherent way, the "whole story."

--Ariana M. Santa Fe, NM


"I have had my astrological chart read many times since 1967. Never has this process been described to me with such depth and clarity. I am who I am.....who I was before...and who I will be. Thanks, D!"

--EJ, Chatham, NJ


"Hi Daniel, This is a thank you for the insightful reading you did for me this month. I've been processing it bit by bit because there is so much, and it is having a cathartic effect. You are the only person to tell me of my "skipped step" and I am grateful to have found the key to getting off of my particular merry--or not so merry-go- round. As an intuitive reader myself, I am VERY particular about who I let into my energy field. I am elated we were brought together and...I'll be back!"

--Karen M. Albuquerque, NM


"I attended Daniel's last talk on the upcoming Grand Cardinal Cross in April 2014 and was thoroughly impressed and informed by his academic approach. He is a gifted speaker which made listening so much easier. Multiple charts on the slide show conveyed the line up of the planets especially Pluto which comes to exact opposition to the chart of the United States in April. A good sized gathering of intelligent people in the audience. I really enjoyed the lecture. thank you Daniel!"

--Tetra F. Santa Fe, NM


"Thank you so much for my reading, so much info and richness. I look forward to listening again and gaining more perspective on this life...a lot is coming clear to me now in a very, very powerful way. It was deeply transformative…very deep aspects of my reading with you are now popping to the surface with profound understanding.”

--Elizabeth R. Santa Fe, NM

“A child is born on that day, and at that hour, when the celestial rays are in mathematical harmony with his individual Karma. His horoscope is a challenging portrait, revealing his unalterable past and its probable future result. But the natal chart can be rightly interpreted only by men of intuitive wisdom ...these are few.” --Swami Sri Yukteswar, teacher of Paramahansa Yogananda


There are lots of astrologers out there for you to choose from. I personally believe that astrology works, so all astrology works. Why then, or perhaps I should say how, should you choose me?


I am an astrological intuitive and a metaphysical practitioner since the 1960's.  You can muscle test me with this web page. Or you can ask a pendulum, if you use one. Or you can just browse around this website to see if my work resonates with your own path. Trust your intuition.


Astrology is all about how we are connected to the world around us--perceptions often blurred by familiarity and personal belief--and it is about our connection to our authentic inner world that is often hidden from us. The practice of Astrology is not about taking some “cookbook” interpretation of who you are and overlaying it on you. The best astrology, in my humble opinion, is about looking at the actual context of how a particular life has unfolded, and through the examination of the birth chart, reveal not the just events that are already known, consciously or subconsciously, but more importantly why those events occurred.


My work draws from 50 years of  astrological and metaphysical study, and 70 years of life experience. My readings draw upon my intuitive ability, (something that I believe we all can develop) to understand the core archetypes of your birth chart in the context of your life, and how they mirror how your life has unfolded. You already know the whats of your life. Evolutionary Astrology can tell you why.


There are many ways that one can “go inward” to find the true nature of  “reality”. Astrology is not the only one, but it is perhaps among of the oldest of spiritual technologies, dating back at least 6000 years. Your birth chart is not just a book about you, it is an entire encyclopedia describes your Soul’s journey from lifetime to to lifetime -- a story that transcends Time and Space. Have you ever wondered why some people have shown up in your life at certain times the way that they did?  Is it difficult to understand why your relationship with each person in your life is the way it is? Do you wonder how you can truly fulfill your dharma -- and find your authentic virtue?


I am not so presumptuous to think that I know who you are or what you should do. What I do know is that there is a part of you, just as there is a part of each of us, that does know, and working together I can help you realize who you are, why you are here, and what your life lessons are.


Read what my clients have said here about their experiences. What is it that you would really like to know about your self and your life? I can help you find the answer.

You already know the “whats” of your life. Evolutionary Astrology tells you “why”. Who am I? Why am I here? What are my lessons? Our lives are driven by Fate and Destiny. How do we recognize when either one shows up? How can we know the difference? LIFE PATH readings focus not just on the events of your life, but on the life lessons, and processes that created these events. We will look at the underlying dynamics of why these circumstances and relationships have been present, so that you will come away empowered to be able to place the present events and relationships of your life in perspective, by understanding the past so that you can create the future you desire. Your natal chart is your life blueprint, the "acorn" that contains the oak tree potentiating that is growing within you. Your Progressions describe symbolically how the oak tree has grown since birth. Transits reveal the current, in-the-moment unfolding, of what you have brought with you into this lifetime and your evolutionary intentions going forward. Readings are $180 and last up to 90 minutes. TRANSITS & PROGRESSIONS describe the current celestial influences on the birth chart and the way that that the natal chart has unfolded since birth. In order to understand current transits and progressions, a thorough understanding of the themes and signatures of the birth chart is necessary. This reading will examine the next 6-12 months in relation to the core themes of the natal chart. RELATIONSHIPS are the "ground zero" of our lives. This is where the "rubber meets the road. The outer planet alignments set the foundation for the great cycles of life, but it is the interaction of Venus and Mars that is where we "do the work" of each lifetime. The reading will help you understand your relationship with yourself, with is your core magnetic frequency. Synastry dynamics and the composite chart reveals the deeper meaning of the relationship, the "why" you have come together. This understanding provides the framework to resolve the karmic issues that are inherent in all close relationships. A relationship synastry consultation includes individual relationship readings for each individual plus a reading regarding the synastry and composite chart for the couple. 3 Hours Written natal chart interpretations are available for newborns, or for those who live in time zones where one-on-one contact is difficult. YOUR BIRTHDAY GIFT A 20% Discount for Solar Return readings. Did you know that astrologically your birthday is a year long? Your solar return is the horoscope for the day each year that the Sun returns to the same exact place that it was at the moment of your birth. A solar return is a blueprint detailing your life potentials for the next 12 months. The celestial energies that are reflected in the solar return are active for an entire year that begin to show up 3 months before and for 9 months after your birthday. Solar returns also unfold over 10 to 15-year cycles with critical transformational years in between. Even if you have missed the opportunity to learn about your solar return around your birthday, at any time during the year you can consult it to get insights into what is happening at that time, even 6 months after your birthday. You can also use this session to ask any question that you might have and we can look to see how the circumstance, relationship, health, relocation, or work issue will potentially unfold over the next 12 months. My birthday gift to you is a 20% discount for Solar Return readings. Since all horoscopes refer back to the natal chart, the readings will also reference the natal chart where relevant during the 90-minute reading and can include transits and progressions for the next 12 months. Like all readings, there will be an audio recording. If we meet using the online Zoom platform, there will also be a video of the reading. These are challenging times but they are present to facilitate our soul's trajectory forward.
Evolutionary Astrology Consultation Solar Return Relationship Synastry (2 people/3 sessions) Written Interpretation






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