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Discovering the Venus Star Point


Arielle Guttman will introduce a new aspect of the planet Venus, one that represents heart and soul united within our beings. This Venus is the Venus Star, produced from the eight-year cyclical pentagram produced by Venus in her orbit around the Sun.  This Star Point is easily found and is quickly becoming a most sought-after tool to use to examine one’s unique talents, important milestones and achievements and is an essential contact point in relationships . In this discussion you will learn about the Venus Star and discover your own Venus Star Point and how it is presently affecting the World at large.

Arielle began her astrological studies in 1974 and has since authored five books in the field including the two-volume Mythic Astrology series and The Astro*Carto*Graphy Book of Maps with the late Jim Lewis. Her latest, Venus Star Rising: A New Cosmology for the 21st Century, is the topic of this presentation.


Arielle has lectured and taught around the world for various astrological groups. She currently divides her time between

Santa Fe, NM and Greece. She offers a home-study course that leads to professional certification in the Venus Star Point system. Check out her website:

Arielle Guttman-Venus Star Poi

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