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Deep Treasures

Taurus Full Moon

Nevit DILMEN "Unstable Walk"

Rob GONSALVES "New Moon Eclipsed"

Aquarius Full Moon

“So, is it really a lunar eclipse?”

"Forever Lost" Mike Worrall

You Are What You Believe

Mars & Pluto Retrograde

"Justice" Cathy McClelland

Lunar Eclipse

The Spiritual Battle for Soul Purpose

Mars in Sagittarius


EMILY  “Flood Waters” Towamba Valley, New South Wales Australia school student

Clin d’0euil

Eclipse Season

"Angel Sieves Wheat From Chaff"  Rosicrucian emblem 8

Virgo Full Moon

Wheat from Chaff

Truth II - Ferdinand Hodler (1853-1918, Swiss)

To Dream the Impossible Dream

2016 Forecast

William BLAKE "Urizen in Fetters, Tears streaming from His Eyes"

Aquarius New Moon

Revolution or Evolution?

"Narcissist" Jane Delaney LARSON

Leo Full Moon

Adolf BUHLER "Homecoming"


Coming Home

Cancer Full Moon

Winter Solstice Sun at Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

Winter Solstice 2015

From Darkness to Light

Reza SEPAHDARI, "Prayers for Peace"

Prayers for Peace

Sagittarius New Moon

Caroline HAMER "Inner Truth" 2013

Inner Truth

Gemini Full Moon

Dark Side by Felicia Olin

Full Moon  October 27th, 2015

4° Taurus ~ 8:04 am EDT

 Hubble UV Saturn NASA/ESA and E. Karkoschka

University of Arizona

Truth or Consequences

Saturn in Sagittarius

 William BLAKE "Ancient of Days"

A Call for Unity:

Aries Lunar Eclipse

Jupiter in Virgo


Pluto Retrograde & the 2015 Conjunctions of Venus and Mars


2015 Forecast


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