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Nevit DILMEN "Unstable Walk"

Walk in Balance

Jupiter in Libra

On September 1st, 2016, Jupiter and Mercury met in Virgo at 29°. The final degree of any sign is a liminal vortex. In these final moments before the transition to the new sign, whatever is unfinished must be completed in order for the energy to flow and the new cycle begin. Mercury, the Guide of Souls, took his mythical father to that threshold, and then began a retracing of his steps over the path he had just walked, his own work in his native sign not yet complete.


Jupiter enters Virgo on September 9th, 2016. Jupiter’s passage through Virgo begins with a new phase conjunction to Venus natively in Libra, at that time the ruler of the lunar north node, and Mercury in native Virgo, the sign that would subsequently rule the north node for the remainder of Jupiter’s transit of Virgo. The lunar north node has traditionally been characterized as the Dragon’s head, mouth yawning wide to gather the probable realities that spin off at each moment. The overall intensity of our personal lives, the amplitude of life on the planet in general has been the result of this expansion of karmic and evolutionary animation. The future pulls us forward, degree by degree. At the moment it feels like we are being from drawn forward from crisis to crisis, sometimes in leaps and bounds.


Synchronistically, Jupiter’s transit of Libra begins on 9/9/16 and will end on 10/10/17. With Saturn transiting Sagittarius, Jupiter’s native sign, over the next 11 months we will feel a gravitational pull towards center to find balance and stability in the fulcrum of Libra’s scales.


Jupiter correlates to the principle of expansion. Like a Midas touch, the largest planet in our solar system extends his largesse to everything that he touches, sometimes to excess. Jupiter corresponds to the non-linear right brain, the intuitive mind as opposed to Mercury’s rationale left brain intellect.  As the ruler of Sagittarius, the archetype is the Yang, mutable expression of the Fire element. His male energy, moving outward from the center generates the raising of our awareness beyond the limits of our birth conditioning (Saturn) self-actualizing through adaptability, by creating contrast and exposure to a broad range of ideas, philosophies, cultures, and experiential adventures. Characterized as the search for truth, Jupiter is associated with travel, which broadens our horizons, and teachers, who add to our accumulation of knowledge and wisdom. Jupiter, Sagittarius, and the 9th house correlate to our belief system. When this search for truth becomes distorted it becomes evangelical and proselytizing seeking to convert others to one’s beliefs.  Personal truth becomes distorted to believe that it is the whole truth when in fact it is just a piece of the truth—relative truth. The whole Truth can be discovered in Pisces, which traditionally Jupiter co-rules with Neptune.


Venus which correlates to relationship, rules 2 signs. As the ruler of the Yin archetype Taurus, Venus reveals its inner expression as our self-worth and our inner relationship to our self. In Yang Cardinal Air Libra this degree of self-love (or self hate) is projected outwards into our relationships with everyone else.  Jupiter’s long transit through Virgo healed and scrubbed the impurities of ego developed and expressed in Leo, to prepare for entry into Libra and the social sphere. The archetype of Libra defines the parameters between self and others. As the fundamental archetype correlating to opposition, Libra is about finding the center balance where synthesis occurs.


Jupiter is making good speed as it enters Libra and will race forward until February 2017 when it slows and stations retrograde at 23°, very near the same degree as the lunar eclipse of September 16th, 2016, and the series of Uranus Eris conjunctions that are occurring through 2017. In some way the events and circumstances triggered by those prior events will be reactivated. Jupiter stations direct again on June 9th, 2017, exactly one year to the day following its Libra ingress.


In October 2017, Jupiter will form a full phase quincunx to Neptune and the lunar south node in Pisces, and then twice again from April to July 2017 during its retrograde period. This is the stress that is created between the truth that we believe and the Truth that just is. Quincunxes occur to generate a shift in direction, a course change.


From October 2016 to August 2017, Jupiter will form a last quarter square Pluto in Capricorn 3 times, twice while retrograde. This is a “crisis in action”, a phrase coined by Dane Rudhyar. This planetary cycle has unfolded to the ‘first turn’ necessitating reorienting to the original design and pathway. Is this intention manifesting according to the original idea with which it was first conceived?


From November 2016 through October 2017, Jupiter will form an opposition to Uranus in Aries 3 times, again during its retrograde period. Here we have Rudhyar's “crisis of consciousness.”  We are at the last turn. What is still left to be accomplished, according to the original plan and any modifications that have occurred over time?


Jupiter will oppose  Uranus (and Eris) in Aries 3 times from March through October 2017. The tension and need for balance will peak during this time as a contest for supremacy between Zeus and Prometheus ensues. Will the scales be tipped by sudden and erratic events initiated by radical selfishness or will individual creativity be fostered with positive self-expression?


It is of significant note that these major outer planet transits will form while one or both of the aspected planets is in retrograde motion. Retrogrades correlate to cycles of withdrawal and introspection necessary in order to gain objectivity. Just as the moon cycles through animation and withdrawal, each planet symbolically cycles through waxing and waning cycles. Objectivity opens the space for reflection and re-appraisal and the opportunity for different, more conscious expression.  Uranus is the deconditioning process providing experiences that allow liberation from crystallized patterns of belief, and understanding. Neptune opens the door to compassion and forgiveness as well as portals to other dimensions; “whisper from eternity” blending with Jupiter intuitive nature.  Pluto is our deepest unconscious need for security. Jupiter’s insights open and encourage Pluto’s evolutionary constant state of becoming pushing us forward, often whether we have chosen the road ahead or not.


The lunar nodes will continue their passage through Virgo and Pisces through this transit of Jupiter in Libra. Issues concerning health and wellbeing of our selves and the planet, religious belief and intolerance, visionary outreach and their practical solutions will continue to dominate world news and private life. Jupiter will continue to strive to illuminate fact from fiction, and navigate the conflicts of inclusiveness and exclusivity. The scales will find their balance, in spite of the current persistent momentum towards a tipping point.


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