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Jupiter in Virgo

It is neither coincidence nor accident that the ingress of Jupiter into the sign of Mercury’s introspective inner expression in Virgo coincides with Venus recent station retrograde at 0° Virgo and subsequent journey in Virgo for 5 months later this year. In the natal chart, Jupiter describes what we need to believe in order to facilitate our evolutionary growth. He maps our search for truth, the belief system that supports our current values, and provides the intellectual framework for how we will grow through our current cycle. Jupiter is not the whole truth however, but only a portion of the truth. It is our personal truth. In his highest expression he is our connection to Source. He is our intuition and our right brain creativity. Jupiter intellectualizes the Neptunian images we receive into a mental framework that we can then begin to integrate into who we are, what we believe, and how we grow into that mental paradigm that Jupiter projects.


In Virgo, Jupiter’s intuition sheds light upon our inner world. His focus is on imperfection, the cup half empty, what remains to be accomplished. Virgo brings us into the realm of “work on the Self”.  All of the ancient teachings, philosophies, wisdom schools, and esoteric societies have described “the Work” in different languages, cultures, and mentalities. The upcoming Leo New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Virgo, and the Lunar Eclipse in Aries, will all require our attention to focus on how we are self-actualizing, have self-actualized, and what we have “skipped over” in the process.  We might perceive that events and circumstances are directing our actions, but in our hearts we will know that we have attracted the outer events needed for our evolutionary growth. Some may feel victimized by the events, others will understand “why” these events are in our experience and awareness. The coming year which “begins” on August 11th, brings us up close and personal with our self-worth, self-love, and the crisis of what we have missed along the way. In some ways, this will be a year of catch-up. It is catch-up with our selves. We will work to fill in the empty spaces that lurk in our consciousness. We will be driven to be better at being who we are. Jupiter in Virgo is an adventure and journey of self-improvement, self-discovery, and self-truth.


Jupiter will be retrograde for the first 6 months of 2016. Over the next 13 months, as he moves through Virgo, he will complete his next 2 squares to Saturn; inconjunct Uranus 3 times; oppose Neptune once; and trine Pluto 3 times. We will all feel the weight and tension from these outer planet combinations throughout the year.


His traditional role as the Greater Benefic not withstanding, it is important to remember that transits represent the current apparent dynamic of this planetary energy, always relative to the natal placement. These current cycles in real time reflect how that natal dynamic is unfolding.



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