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The Spiritual Battle for Soul Purpose

Mars in Sagittarius


"We have met the enemy and he is us." --Pogo

There is a war going on for your Soul. It is a spiritual battle between the subjective ego and the Soul ego.  Mars in Sagittarius brings about the events and circumstances that expose the spiritual truth, or lack thereof, expressed by our actions and their alignment with Soul purpose. On March 5th Mars entered Sagittarius, the sign of our beliefs and understanding of the world around us. He will remain there until June 29th, 2016. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is currently retrograde, conjunct the lunar north node in Virgo. Not coincidentally, Mars will also turn retrograde on April 17th through the end of June. The lunar north node correlates to our soul intentions in the current lifetime. It is a point of greatest evolutionary potential and forward movement, but it requires conscious effort for initiation.  When we take one step toward this evolutionary point, it takes two steps towards us. With the Moon’s north node currently in Virgo, this galvanizes deeper self-knowledge, through crises generated by the extremes of subjective ego behavior.


The effect of a retrograde period for a planet is to open its "rear view mirror." Retrogrades overlay an Aquarian/Uranian archetype to the planets native expression. There is new objectivity, distance, and perspective on current situations and circumstances. Mars is the cutting edge of our evolution. Mars correlates to our conscious intentions, the goals that we are aware of, that we have chosen and are pursuing. It is important to remember that nothing in the birth chart is acting independently. Everything is connected to everything else. Mars has a direct connection to Venus. We all know about the Mars-Venus connection for love and relationship. However there is an even deeper connection. Venus correlates to what is most important to us for our sustenance, even on a survival level. This is where we find meaning, which becomes our priorities. Mars acts directly according to the priorities that Venus has defined as essential.


Mars is also considered “the lower octave” of Pluto. Pluto’s signature describes the karmic necessities that we have brought with us, manifested as the current cycle of soul lessons, and our evolutionary intentions in this lifetime. Pluto is our personal underworld, the deep subconscious caverns of our psyche that is responsible that what drives us to think and act they way that we do. As Pluto’s lower octave, Mars takes his marching orders from Pluto, expressed as our conscious pursuit of what Pluto is intending.  Pluto says, “Jump” and Mars says, “How high?” Through the transit of Sagittarius, Mars will make 2 balsamic semisquares to Pluto in Capricorn, one on March 11th and the second as Mars retrogrades on May 20th. The balsamic semi-square creates the friction necessary to close the cycle, a personal “burning man” experience where the dross that has not yet been resolved comes up for closure.


The square between the archetypes of Sagittarius and Virgo creates a crisis that forces us to examine our personal truths and how they contribute or conflict with our true purpose. The square from Sagittarius to Pisces, Virgo's polarity, creates a crisis of ultimate meaning.  Situations and circumstances arise that revolve around habitual patterned behavior that stems by default from our lunar south node. Mars conscious actions also refer back to our natal Moon. As the moment-to-moment point of interaction with our outer world through our emotional body, the Moon is the most conscious component of our psyche, though this consciousness is still subjective. The Moon is the balance point between our past (lunar south node) and our future (lunar north node.) There is a constant tension between our karmic payload from the past of traumas and wounding, and the evolutionary momentum forward to self-integration and self-realization.


Two disseminating sesquisquares, on March 18th and May 5th from Mars to Uranus in Aries also hold our feet to the fire. New inspiration and creativity is required as a partial reinvention of self that is more objective and that enables greater purpose and participation in our community and in the world around us in general. Mars is the current dispositer of Uranus, augmenting the Aries energy present in their current amalgam. The pair will morph again into a tense disseminating quincunx in June as Mars slows down, further intensifying their disruptive potential and friction.


Mars will apply to a last quarter square to Neptune in Pisces through May 21st.  The square will not perfect until after the retrograde period on August 26th, however what Dane Rudhyar called a “crisis in consciousness” occurs between our subjective personal truth and it’s actual expression, and it ability to deliver real meaning.


From late July to the end of the transit, Mars will form a last quarter trine to Chiron in Pisces, releasing feelings of anger from the repressed memories of wounding. This trine will move into a last quarter square potentially creating emotional crises and situations where this anger can flare up unexpectedly. Mars conjunction to Saturn through August, perfecting on August 24th, presents opportunities to be free of the emotional limitations that we have set for ourselves from the anger and fear of being hurt again. We should be careful not to suffer the mistake to feel that we are the victim.


Mars will square the lunar nodes at the end of its transit. A planet squaring the nodes brings a concentrated focus onto the evolutionary journey from past to future. With Neptune as ruler of the lunar south node, we will have opportunities to surrender to, and forgive woundings by others in the past.


As the Mars transit of Sagittarius continues after the retrograde period, each of these hard aspects will be visited on last time, burning in their effects.  Two weeks before Mars finally ingresses in Capricorn, he forms a last quarter trine to Uranus, bringing the opportunity to creatively self-actualize, and bring our personal Merkaba back on track toward the Soul’s chosen destination.




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