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Truth or Consequences

Saturn in Sagittarius

Saturn is the structure of Space and Time. He is Gravity, involution, and the force that initiates our descent into the Earth. Saturn represents our perceived 3D reality. The totality of the cosmos is conscious. Like water, consciousness takes the form of whatever space it enters, man, animal, plant, stone, or single-celled organism. Saturn is the structure of consciousness.


Fusing the current of Life Force with the elementals, Saturn creates each individual form according to the matrix of celestial energetics present, at the exact moment of birth.


Saturn transited Sagittarius from December 1926 to November 1929, predominated by a facilitating trine to Uranus in Pisces. During these years, Lindbergh flew solo across the Atlantic; TV waves traveled through the air for the first time; Goddard launched the first rocket; Route 66 was established facilitating coast to coast travel by the automobile, which had become the newest cultural fascination; and the Holland Tunnel opened under the Hudson River bringing auto traffic into NYC from NJ and points west. Al Jolson’s voice was heard on movie screens in The Jazz Singer





Two gold standards were established. One established gold as the basis of US currency.  The second was the invention of sliced bread, which has become the “gold standard of invention”


In the later years, Saturn made challenging aspects to Neptune in Leo and Pluto in Cancer. Perhaps the benchmark event of the period occurred as Saturn’s transit ended with the Wall Street Crash of October 29, 1929.


The generation born between December 1926 – November 1929 will have their 3rd Saturn Return this year or next.  Each of them is clearly already familiar with the lessons of maturity. At the 3rd Saturn return, the potential is to understand the “whys” of the 2 previous Saturn returns.

The Lord of Karma visited Sagittarius again roughly from January 1956 to January 1959. The early years were marked by Saturn’s square to Pluto in Leo and again a trine to Uranus, also in Leo. (Uranus and Pluto were still 10 years away from their powerful conjunction that was to be the hallmark of the 1960’s.)


The late 1950’s seemed like Golden Years. WWII was over and the world was now “safe for Democracy.” We were taught that our desks could protect us from the bomb, and that a little dab of Brylcreem would ensure romance. NY Yankee Don Larsen threw the only perfect game in World Series history against the Brooklyn Dodgers. Life was good.


Television, first aired during the last Saturn in Sagittarius transit,  became the household god: The Huntley-Brinkley Report brings news of the whole world directly into our living rooms. To Tell the Truth, and Truth or Consequences, were popular TV shows. You can’t get more Sagittarian than that!


Minority culture made headway into the arts as West Side Story, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set in a low-income, mixed minority neighborhood in NYC, had a record run on Broadway.


Censorship of the public media came on the radar of public awareness; Elvis Presley appeared shown only from the waist up on Ed Sullivan, who nevertheless later described Elvis as: "… a real decent, fine boy. We've never had a pleasanter experience on our show with a big name than we've had with you. You're thoroughly all right."


At the same time, Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl, printed in England, is seized by U.S. customs officials on the grounds of obscenity.

The war made the resources of Europe and Asia available to the US market. Toyota begins exporting vehicles to the US as the wave of foreign autos become popular in the US.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is created and the nuclear powered submarine USS Nautilus becomes the first vessel to cross the North Pole under water. First Lindbergh in the air, now a submarine under the sea.  Two record breaking transatlantic crossings.


The John Birch Society is founded


In the later years there were challenging aspects to Uranus in Leo and Neptune in Scorpio. Those born during this time period are approaching their 2nd Saturn return. At the 1st Saturn return we “come of age”. Circumstances create the awareness of our need to be self-responsible for what we need and whom we need to be in order to thrive, or even just survive. How we respond to these circumstances, and the subsequent circumstances that we create over the next 28 years will determine the facility or challenges of the 2nd Saturn return.

By the late 1980’s when Saturn transited Sagittarius last, the tenor of life had drastically changed.  We were at war again, yet another enemy that is an elusive and evil infidel, without moral conscience. Throughout 1988 Saturn conjuncts Uranus and reaches a friction point with Pluto deeply empowered in his own native Scorpio.

Hijackings, bombings, and kidnappings filled the media:

• CNN reporter Jeremy Levin, Associated Press newsman Terry Anderson and British journalist John McCarthy are kidnapped

• Terrorist bombing near Torrejon Air Force Base in Spain, causes 18 dead (all Spaniards) and 82 injured

• TWA Flight 847, carrying 153 passengers from Athens to Rome, is hijacked by a Hezbollah fringe group

• The cruise ship Achille Lauro is hijacked in the Mediterranean Sea by four heavily armed Palestinian terrorists. One passenger, American Leon Klinghoffer, is killed

• American naturalist Dian Fossey is found murdered in Rwanda

• Pan Am Flight 103 is destroyed by a bomb over Lockerbie, Scotland, killing 270 people, including 178 U.S. Citizens.

There were emotional highs and lows in space travel news:

• Christa McAuliffe is chosen to become the first schoolteacher to ride aboard the Space Shuttle Challenger only to die tragically when Challenger disintegrates 73 seconds after launch, killing all 7 astronauts

• Voyager 2 space probe makes its first encounter with Uranus.

Revelations emerged:

• The New York Times charges that former UN Secretary General Kurt Waldheim, may have been involved in Nazi war crimes during World War II.

• Televangelist Jim Bakker resigns after admitting an affair with church secretary Jessica Hahn.

More economic uncertainty

• The Dow Jones Industrial Average closes above the 2,500 mark for the first time, at 2,510.04, followed by

• October 19, 1987 Black Monday: Stock market levels fall sharply on Wall Street and around the world. The Dow Jones Industrial Average goes down 156.83 points; at the time it is the second largest decrease ever.

• First Republic Bank of Texas fails and enters FDIC receivership, the second largest FDIC assisted bank failure up to that point.


Our world expands inward:

• Michael Dell launched Dell Computer.

• The Morris worm, the first computer worm distributed via the Internet, written by Robert Tappan Morris, is launched from MIT.

Also during this period

• The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is established.

• U.S. Surgeon General C. Everett Koop states that the addictive properties of nicotine are similar to those of heroin and cocaine.

• Prozac makes its debut in the United States.


The folks who were born between roughly between November 1985 and November 1988 will have their 1st Saturn return in the next year and a half. By the time we are 28-30 years old, mom and dad are no longer taking care of us, we are on our own, or should be. What we encounter at this critical turn of Saturn’s wheel, it’s challenges, or its facilities, will be determined what degree of self-responsibility we have attained. Saturn’s imposed limitations provide opportunities to sharpen skills, which teaches mastery.

Saturn entered Sagittarius briefly from December 2014 to June 2015.  During that time:

• The U.S. Supreme Court ruled that the Constitution guarantees a right to same-sex marriage.

• Bruce Jenner becomes the first transgender person to appear on the cover of Vanity Fair magazine.

• Bernie Sanders announced his candidacy for POTUS.

• Militarized local police forces continued to shoot unarmed civilians, mostly African Americans and homeless people, resulting in more incidents of riots and civil disobedience.

• Investigative reporter Seymour Hersh alleged that the official account of the Navy SEAL raid that killed Osama bin Laden is largely false.

• We had the first images of dwarf planet Ceres, an event which is especially meaningful to astrologers.

• Immigration crises around the world have traumatized and polarized the EU and the US.

Uranus is the rebel, the iconoclast, the individualist who lives apart from society, most often in a community of other like-minded souls. Uranus shocks and shatters the crystallized forms created by Saturn, and scatters the pieces to either be discarded, or recycled into new forms.  He is the Individuated Unconscious, the repository of all of the memories of the Soul’s peak experiences, the traumas and the triumphs. Uranus is Prometheus, who stole fire from the gods in order to advance Mankind, and experienced great suffering for his hubris. Uranus wants things to change; most often, to create a radical new future out of the present. Sometimes the desire for change is to make things go back to the way that they used to be.


Saturn and Uranus facilitate the cycle of being and becoming in different ways. Saturn represses our wounds and buries them in the subconscious. Uranus, in concert with Chiron, releases these long held traumas, into our consciousness to be healed. These dynamics suggest that over this period there will be a re-entrenchment of consensus beliefs in order to trigger a more widespread collective call for reform. “When do we reach do we reach the saturation point that the scales begin to shift?”


Uranus as been in aspect to Saturn in each of his three previous transits of Sagittarius. Saturn conditions and crystallizes things into specific shape and form. He is the consensus reality, the tacit agreements that we make with each other so that we can all live together in society. Saturn's role is to liberate us from all the conditioning.

Individually he is our many layers of conditioning, that we have picked up from our birth families, locality, religion or spiritual beliefs, nationality, gender, race, and the emotional footprint of our past.


The other major aspect during this period, with profound intensity is the square from Saturn to Neptune in Pisces. This will be another of the base notes of the next few years. All of our truths will come under close scrutiny. What we believed to be gospel will be exposed as heresy. What was considered heresy will be illuminated as truth. What we are searching for is not just for the truth, but the Truth with a capital T, Ultimate Truth.  Feet will be held to the fire about the truth between belief and practice. We can expect to be disillusioned, as people who we held in great regard fall from their pedestals, and ideas that we held as sacred degenerate into merely opinion. Saturn will show us the current limits of our beliefs and visions. The intention is to build a new framework and allow new visions to re-image and re-imagine our selves and world.


The themes from the past give us a glimpse of the future. The world shrank and the world exploded. Somehow, the world did not become a safe place for democracy. Racial and gender equality, and personal freedoms made great strides, but we are still not there yet. Economic and political polarities are astronomically at their greatest elongation.


The secrets exposed during Saturn’s transit of Scorpio by Ed Snowden, reveal the level of deceit and illegality of how our freedoms have been almost imperceptibly degraded, degree-by-degree. It’s all out on the table now, and I suggest there is a lot more to come.


These are the issues we face individually and collectively. The planets do not control us, they merely reflect us. We are observing ourselves in the sky above us. The sky is only the mirror of our earthbound existence.

Since 2008, the Lord of Time has marked the tempo of the current decade. Saturn’s recent transit of Scorpio, Pluto’s native sign, coincided with Pluto’s entry into Capricorn, Saturn’s own sign, setting up a mutual reception, a shared expression of the 2 archetypes between these two powerful Lords of Karma. During this time, we have witnessed a global page turn, as Uranus and Pluto, energetically ground together, like millstones, 7 times over the last 3 years. As we approach the next cycle of transpersonal evolution in 2016 and beyond, Saturn remains a key player. Saturn is the ruler of Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn has moved from subterranean Scorpio into adventurous Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter in Virgo.


Sagittarius is the experiential adventure that drives us to explore other places, cultures, philosophies, and convictions, in contrast to our own, to find our truth. Once found, we identify with them, they become our belief system, which we construct in order to sustain our self-image, to be who we believe we are.  We express those beliefs collectively as religion, politics, and philosophy.


Saturn re-entered Sagittarius on September 17th where he will hold court until December 19th 2017. He faces emotional tension with Uranus in Aries until the end of next summer. Uranus is who we intend to be. In Aries it opens our instinctive ability to act from a non-analyzed, non-predetermined way, from an essential, authentic core self, rather than from security-based ego patterning.  The distortion of this expression is unpredictable recklessness and self-absorption.

From December 2016 until the end of the transit, Saturn will oscillate between a series of disseminating sesquiquadrates and trines to Uranus. Saturn’s trine to Uranus will persist until Uranus enters Taurus in Feb 2018.  The effect of which will be to map and lock in place the mental and emotional signatures of new mindfulness of self.

The last event that I want to point out is there will be a Pluto Return in the US chart that will occur in 2022. At the same time, our country will have a Neptune opposition. As Pluto will still be in Capricorn, Saturn will still be a major player as the 2020's unfold.  Astrology is not served as well being a predictive science, as it is in its ability to describe the true nature of reality. What we can expect is that it will be rich in themes of idealism, rugged individualism, and freedom of expression, that have resounded so emphatically through our countries often turbulent history. How it unfolds will be the product of the choices of all of us, including the Cosmos.



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