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God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign, No More Water But Fire Next Time ---From The Negro Spiritual “Mary Don’t You Weep” The Summer Eclipses 2018 Part 1: There Be Dragons Here

Have you ever wondered about how it is, that at the time of a total solar eclipse the Moon  is  exactly the same size as the Sun, relative to where we stand on Earth? And that during a total lunar eclipse, the shadow of the Earth is again remarkably the same size as the Moon? How can this be? Why is this so?  You can’t make this stuff up. A whisper from Great Mystery?


Eclipses have fascinated and terrified observers of the sky since ancient times. The Mesopotamians believed a solar eclipse prophesied the death of a king. The ancient Chinese thought solar eclipses occurred when a dragon in the sky tried to swallow the sun.  The dragon theme persists in ancient European texts, the north, or ascending node becomes the dragon's head, Caput Draconis and the south, or descending node becomes dragon's tail, Cauda Draconis. The dragon theme has been maintained for 5000 years in  Vedic astrology; the ascending node ☊ is called Rahu and the descending node ☋ is called Ketu.


The dragon devouring its tail is one of the oldest mystical symbols.  Called, the Ouroboros, its name derives from the Greek  oura, meaning "tail" and boros, meaning "eating", thus "he who eats the tail".  The Ouroboros correlates to the perpetual cycle of the  renewal of life and the concept of eternal return.

Eclipses occur when a new  or  full moon occurs within 17° 25’ of the lunar nodes. The lunar nodes are points in space where the Moon’s orbit intersects with the  ecliptic --  the  circle described by the Earth's orbit around the Sun. The ascending (or north) node is where the Moon moves into the northern ecliptic hemisphere, while the descending (or south) node is where the Moon enters the southern ecliptic hemisphere. These 2 powerful energetic  crossroads mark the liminal time and space where the Moon and Earth weave their individual planetary frequencies in their diurnal motion.

The intensity of eclipses is due to the fact that the lunar  nodal axis correlates directly to the evolutionary axis. Self-actualization occurs across this life current.  The dragon's head and the dragon's tail synthesize in the present moment through the direct emotional experience of the natal moon. Transiting nodes describe the apparent, momentary orientation, relative to the original evolutionary intention.

The Lunar South Node is the composite of the Soul’s recent lunar experiences. Held in cellular memory are the triumphs and tragedies of the past, including the  repositories of loves lost and found. The lunar south node is the self we gravitate to by default. It is who we have been for many lifetimes. It is a place of familiarity and security. From lifetime to lifetime we pick up where we left off. The natal moon holds the Soul’s emotional footprint,  re-lived through  early childhood experiences. The Moon’s natural tendency is hold on to what is familiar even when we know that it is no longer working for us. We become anchored in habitual patterns.

The intensity of eclipses is due to the fact that the lunar  nodal axis correlates directly to the evolutionary axis. Self-actualization occurs across this life current.  The dragon's head and the dragon's tail synthesize  in the present moment through the direct emotional experience of the natal moon.

The Lunar North Node represents the Soul’s evolutionary direction forward in this lifetime. It is the road ahead -- our intended future that is seeded and fertilized. Our responsibility (Saturn) is to water the seeds with conscious intention and effort. The lunar north node is a magical moving sidewalk,  not unlike the moving walkways at the airport that you take one step towards, and are taken long distances. The north node requires conscious intention, persistence, and effort, however, to unfold to its greatest potential. It is a point in our chart that will facilitate and actualize our evolutionary growth, if and when we consciously choose it.


This enigmatic, bi-annual eclipse phenomenon will occur twice in July, and once in August, 2018. The process of evolution assumes growth. Eclipses act as release valves for circumstances that have not found their resolution pro-actively. Eclipses are a time of break-out or break-down. Eclipses correlate to endings and beginnings. They can create both crises and opportunities, and often come with challenges.


A solar eclipse is a powerful and potentially challenging new moon. This is the dark of the moon where the solar light is absent; the liminal time when Selene’s face is in shade. In this embryonic moment new potentials are born. An old cycle is now complete and an new cycle is just beginning.


A lunar eclipse is a greatly magnified and intensified full moon. When the Moon opposes the Sun it stands fully illuminated, mirroring Sol’s light. The Sun is the source of the self-actualizing Life Force that streams from the center of our galaxy, the Milky Way, and beyond.  This cosmic Chi, or Prana is reflected to us by Grandmother Moon, enabling us to receive it at our human frequency. There is an essential tension present in this actualizing polarity -- two opposing principles that are equal counterparts of a larger whole. The inherent pressure that is present at this energetic release point requires finding the synthesis between these counterpoints. At the Full Moon, activation occurs, manifesting in the phenomenal world according to the seed-

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thought intention born at the previous new moon. The lunations that occur across the lunar nodal access imprint our lives and leave footprints in history because of their saturation from the evolutionary axis, a segment of the circle of life, the ouroboros dragon swallowing its tail.


There will be 3 eclipses in July and August, 2018:


A partial solar eclipse on July 12, 2018 at 21° Cancer

A total lunar eclipse on July 27, 2018 at 5° Aquarius

A partial solar eclipse on August 11, 2018 at 19° Leo


Known as the Saros Cycle, eclipses occur in 18-year sequences. Like all recurring astrological cycles we can refer back to  earlier transits for observation and correlation. The details of what occurred during that time will be different, but the process will be the same. This eclipse references the eclipse season that occurred in July 2000.


In the news during that time:


• Presidents of North and South Korea sign peace accord, ending half-century of antagonism

Very interesting correlation here as we have recently witnessed the historic meeting of Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un and the possibility of reduced conflict between North and South Korea… it is still unfolding.


• British find 58 bodies of illegal Asian immigrants suffocated in Dutch truck that transported them

The migration across borders and oceans is accelerating.


• Elián González returns to Cuba with father

The outrage and crisis of families being separated at the US border.


• U.S. navy resumes shelling exercises of Puerto Rico's Vieques Island, used as a training site

Will US military forces continue to taunt Chinese authority in the South China Sea?


• Human genome deciphered; expected to revolutionize the practice of medicine

From the NYT 4/14/18 “Across the country, biohackers — hobbyists, amateur geneticists, students and enthusiasts — are practicing gene editing, concerning some bioterrorism experts”.


• Iraq believed to resume missile program

 The Middle East remains a powder keg.


• Bashar al-Assad succeeds late father as Syrian president

US military is in active combat with Russian backed troops supporting al-Assad.


• Republican convention picks Texas governor George W. Bush as presidential candidate; Dick Cheney for vice presidential spot

As difficult as that administration was, we would take them back in a heartbeat, wouldn't we?


• Los Alamos scientist Wen Ho Lee, accused of stealing sensitive nuclear weapons data, freed after serving nine months in prison

Now we have foreign states generously helping themselves to classified US military and proprietary corporate data at will.


• Six-year Whitewater investigation of the Clintons ends without indictments

Hillary Clinton is still under the eye of the Justice Department.


• November - Republican Party's George W Bush wins presidency.

Like I said… in a heartbeat.

During this retrograde cycle we can expect some fiery blow back.  Feet will be held to the fire about the truth between belief and practice.

The Stage and Some of the Players: Mars retrograde in Aquarius conjunct the lunar south node will bracket this eclipse season. The protector, defender, and the blood lust God of War has traveled across the sky in tandem with the lunar south node in Aquarius since mid-May of this year. It will remain in orb until mid-October. We are brought up close and personal with our habitual behavior and chosen priorities. How have we acted on our priorities... or not? Mars is the first planet that is “superior” to the Earth. When we view Mars in the sky we are gazing outwards toward the larger gaseous giants of our solar system. Both Mercury and Venus travel within the Earth’s orbit, closer to the Sun. Mercury and Venus express internally. Mars is by nature an outward directed energy. Mercury, Venus, and Mars comprise a psychic chain. Thought and ideation is drawn outward through attraction or aversion into action or inaction. The dynamic interaction that occurs between these personal planets arises from our core, and and is propelled outward through an alchemical fire.


As the ruler of the sign of Aries, the initiatory archetype of the Fire element, Mars correlates to the primordial self-actualizing force that permeates the Cosmos. Mars is energy that arises spontaneously, impulsively, instinctively, seeking outer form. Arising in consciousness the thought form is prioritized with desire, and manifested as actualized choice. Mars is the primal, self-actualizing impulse that expresses as “I am that I am”. Mars is sexual energy, and pure driven desire. At his best, Mars in courageous, bold, and daring. He is a fearless pioneer and the wide-eyed explorer. In his shadow he becomes aggressive, filled with rage, and obsessively self-centered. Mars is the traditional ruler of Scorpio. During this retrograde cycle we can expect some fiery blow-back.  Feet will be held to the fire about the truth between belief and practice.


Mars in Aquarius on the lunar axis forms a challenging square to Uranus in Taurus, and also squares Jupiter in Scorpio during the July new and full moons. Jupiter is both largess and grandiosity. He augments, enlarges, and expands whatever it touches. Uranus is said to be the ruler of Aquarius. Discovered at the time of the American and French Revolutions, forward-thinking, Promethean Uranus correlates to rebellion against authority. Uranus is a maverick, a wild card—radical, sudden and unexpected. Uranus is the iconoclast, the individualist who lives apart from society. Uranus also correlates to the higher mind—the thoughts and ideas that seem to come to us of their own volition. He is the Individuated Unconscious, the repository of all of the memories of the Soul’s peak experiences. Uranus is Prometheus, who created Man from clay and who stole fire from the gods for the advancement of  Mankind. As a result he was punished by Zeus, and suffered a long torment, for his hubris. Uranus wants things to change by creating a radical new future.   Saturn is the traditional ruler of Aquarius -- in some cases, the desire for change is to want things to go back to the way that they used to be.

In the natural zodiac Capricorn precedes Aquarius, ruled by Saturn. Capricorn correlates to the consensus of society, and its laws and regulations, ethics, standards, and mores. In order to get along, over time, we adopt this consensual shape and form.  Crystallization occurs. Our  ideas, beliefs, and priorities become shared ideas, beliefs, and priorities.  We become set in our ways.  Things get stuck. Uranus interrupts and disrupts these crystallized forms in order to allow new forms and structures to be created. This is the natural process of evolution.


Because the opportunity exists for objectivity, the nature of retrograde cycles is to express as an Aquarian archetype. When a planet comes to stand still and reverses direction, the slower it is moving the greater the intensity of the transit. This "drilling down" over the station, the point where it reverses course  allows for  an intense period of introspection and retrospection. This perceptual distance creates distance and objectivity, and the potential for greater self-awareness.  Relative to planet Mars, the focus will be on our most recent behavior and the choices we made in that regard. Did we have the courage of our convictions? Did we lash out at someone because they reminded us of something in ourselves that we don’t like? Did we attend to our own emotional or physical needs exclusively without regard for others?

Intuition, visions, dreams, and desire all collaborate to drive our evolutionary path forward.

Outer planets Jupiter in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus square the Leo-Aquarius lunar axis.

Squares to the lunar nodes correlate to what are known as "skipped steps",  a condition produced when some facet of the Soul's evolutionary growth has become stalled or has been avoided, or denied by self or others. Something was "skipped over" because it was too challenging, for whatever reason. In this lifetime the Soul has facilitated the pathway for this lesson to be specifically worked on.  Jupiter square the lunar nodes correlates to an inconsistency between the belief system held by the subjective ego, and beliefs based on natural law held by Soul Ego. In this case, for Jupiter, the resolution node or the node last transited by the skipped step planet, is the lunar north node in Leo. Intuition and objectivity will open the space for surges of creativity and self-actualized transformation. Uranus square the lunar nodes will bring about collective awakening as well as the increased expression of personality. There can be inspired understanding as well as an effort to hunker down psychologically in our most comfortable persona...which might not be so comfortable to others.


Jupiter in Scorpio trines Neptune in Pisces Retrograde. Jupiter correlates to what we need to understand and believe in order to facilitate our evolutionary growth. Jupiter maps our search for personal truth, defining  the belief system that supports our current values, and provides the intellectual framework for how we will grow through our current cycle.  Jupiter is not the whole truth however, but only a portion of the truth. It is simply our personal truth. The planetary zeitgeist is currently saturated with human suffering and disillusionment. This eclipse season seeks to expose and dislodge this crystallized collective psychodrama.


In Evolutionary Astrology the paradigm of Neptune and Pisces is to dissolve anything that separates the subjective ego from The-Source-of-All-That-Is. The God of the Waters, Neptune receives and absorbs all things in perpetual rhythm. Neptune correlates to our personal and collective dreams and visions.

"The Hierophant" Fey Tarot Lo Scarabeo

Neptune is our emotional tide, searching for ultimate meaning below the surface of our lives. If Jupiter is personal truth, Neptune is Ultimate Truth.


In his highest expression Jupiter is also our connection to Source, as the traditional ruler of Pisces. He is our intuition and our right brain creativity. Jupiter intellectualizes  Neptune's images into a intellectual framework that we  integrate into who we are, what we believe, and how we grow .


During this transit, all of our truths  come under close scrutiny. What we believed to be gospel will be exposed as heresy. What was considered heresy will be illuminated as truth. What we are searching for is not just for the truth, but the Ultimate Truth.

Our planetary zeitgeist is currently saturated with human suffering and disillusionment. This eclipse season seeks to expose and dislodge the crystallized collective psychodrama that permeates the current world headlines.

People who we held in great regard fall from their pedestals. We are disillusioned. Ideas that we held as sacred are reduced simply someone's opinion. The intention is to build a new framework and allow new visions to emerge and to re-image ourselves and our community. Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde trines Uranus Taurus. Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde squares Chiron Aries. Saturn is the structure of Space and Time. The Lord of Karma manifests as Gravity and Involution. Saturn correlates to the force that initiates spirit into Earth. Saturn correlates to our perceived 3D reality. The totality of the cosmos is conscious. Saturn is the structure of consciousness. Saturn creates the structure and form that holds consciousness. Like water, consciousness takes the form of whatever space it enters, man, animal, plant, stone, or single-celled organism. At the exact moment of birth, fusing the current of Life Force with the elementals, Saturn creates each individual form according to the matrix of celestial energetics present. Saturn and Uranus facilitate the cycle of being and becoming in different ways. Saturn will show us the current limits of our beliefs and visions. Cronus, God of Time, represses our wounds and buries them in the subconscious, to be forgotten. Uranus, in concert with Chiron, releases these long held traumatic memories, and brings them back up into conscious awareness to be healed. The Backdrop of Retrograde Planets Mercury will station retrograde in Leo, two days before the total lunar eclipse in July, and still be walking backwards for the partial solar eclipse in August. We can become more self-aware of what we think and say. How we think about things, even what we are thinking about comes under the microscope. Are we only thinking about ourselves? Saturn Capricorn Retrograde With Saturn retrograde in his native sign we can expect a greater questioning about what is “real” and what is not real. There will be increased resistance to authority -- a desire to push back against what one is "supposed" to do. We will see more evidence of the Aquarius expression of Saturn as well in some — wanting to retrench, return to the way things used to be. Neptune Pisces Retrograde Neptune’s evolutionary role is to dissolve the illusion of separateness between our subjective ego and Soul ego. During Neptune’s transit of his own sign Pisces, the Veil is thinning. Information flows more freely, unexpectedly, and sometimes overwhelmingly. As Neptune advances deeper and deeper through Pisces, our spiritual awareness continues to dream itself awake. To some, it will only be a nagging feeling of something greater than themselves that is operating in their lives; sensing that their lives are out of control rather than driven by a higher consciousness working for the greater good. Neptune correlates to the collective unconscious, populated with holographic archetypal imagery. Through Neptune we receive our dreams and visions, what Paramahansa Yogananda called “whispers from eternity”. Considered to be the higher octave of Venus, Neptune is where we will find the real meaning in our lives. Neptune is about ultimate meaning and Truth. On a human scale, Neptune and Pisces manifest as religion and spirituality, metaphysics and mysticism, rapture and misery, persecution, and salvation, adoration and denunciation. On a personal level, its shadow can express as a savior-martyr complex, delusion, guilt, sadism, and masochism. Neptune's sublime expression comes through dreams, music, poetry, art of all kinds, acceptance and surrender, and ecstatic vision. At its worst it is addiction, insanity, delirium, deception, and bewilderment. Our intuitive receptivity increases the opportunity to manifest something constructive during this retrograde cycle. Creativity can flow uninterruptedly. There is also movement towards connection to the greater community. Our consciousness is raised with this transit, facilitating the grounding of the messages received. Take some time between today and the end of November when the station direct occurs to go inward, quiet the mind, and listen to your still small voice within. Pluto Capricorn Retrograde Pluto in Capricorn retrograde will increase the evolutionary impulse in the world. Compelling circumstances exposing the Soul's deepest subconscious desires will erupt without compromise, until the source of the unconscious dissonance is uncovered and balanced. There is a temporary review and self-evaluation of the current Soul work. We can sense where personal power is lost or fading, requiring the discovery of new resources to support us emotionally. Chiron Aries Retrograde Re-wounding can occur through self-neglect, caused by our own self-centeredness, or self-denial, or to others though thoughtlessness and disrespect. New programs of holistic healing can be initiated. Vesta Sagittarius Retrograde Our emotional “hearth” is reignited. The flame of commitment lights up our core values and our focus. We are committed to and focused on our dream. We have the insight and strength to reconnect with and welcome the distant and unfamiliar parts of ourselves back into the center of our being.
Athena: Uranus squares Athena Chiron trines Athena Mars opposes Athena Athena ingress Leo I want to end this portion with a few words about Athena. Throughout this eclipse season, she has chosen to keep us informed, inspired, and active, with the lunar north node as her platform. As I said earlier, the lunar north node is our evolutionary magical moving sidewalk. Jupiter and Neptune are opening the pathways for her messages. Like Hermes, Athena often disguises her appearance. Be open and receptive to what she tells you. be continued. Next Month... "God Gave Noah The Rainbow Sign, No More Water But Fire Next Time" Part 2: The 2018 Summer Eclipses in 3 Acts


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