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Eris: Evolutionary Agent of Transformation

The Uranus Eris Retrograde Conjunction

In the brief 12 years since its discovery, much has been observed and correlated about dwarf planet Eris. As Eris’s current transit through Aries, the 1st Jupiter cycle since her discovery completes, and we are provided with the most ‘up close and personal’ view yet of this dissonant celestial wanderer. Because of her highly elliptical orbit, Eris spends approximately 20% of her 534-year orbit in the single sign of Aries. The mean average transit through Aries lasts about 110 years. This current transit will last for 129 years, spanning most of one century and into the next. During her previous Aries transit from 1392 to 1517, Eris shared with us the Spanish Inquisition, the discovery of the New World and the subsequent genocide of its indigenous people, as well as over 100 years of European war. Her entrance into the 20th century coincided with her grand re-entry into the sign of Aries in January 1922.  Almost immediately Eris conjoined with Uranus 3 times, between 1926 and 1928. Her arrival heralded the Crash of ’29, the resulting Great Depression, and the rise of Adolph Hitler.

Since the orbital return of Uranus in 2016 the level of violence, political unrest, ethnic and religious intolerance has escalated to a level unseen in modern times. Uranus and Eris met in the sky again in June 2016. During that time we witnessed the emergence of 2 political candidates who rode the collective zeitgeist to a crescendo, each from diametrically opposed platforms, beliefs, and methodologies. We also witnessed what some believe to be massive election fraud. Even though the current prognosis seems to be for just more of the same, that in itself can be the powerful catalyst for needed dramatic upheaval down the road. In Europe the mass migrations of people combined with the increased frequency of coordinated terrorist attacks on the general population, Brexit, and the weakening of the Euro have destabilized the EU community. Asia is ground zero for not just unparalleled nuclear meltdown aftermath, but also high stakes nuclear saber rattling.


The mythology of Eris details the Goddess of Chaos and Discord, as provocateuse of the Trojan Wars, and sister to Mars, God of War, but is this truly Eris’ archetypal intention?  From an evolutionary perspective we know that everything is always in a constant state of becoming. Though it is human nature to maintain self-consistency, and not to change, the nature of the soul is self-discovery and self-awareness in the medium of the space-time continuum. When life force is stagnant or blocked, circumstances will present themselves to alleviate the blockage and cause the energy to flow.  The transpersonal planets facilitate such evolutionary change. Pluto’s metamorphic dynamic will actuate cataclysm in order to move past imposed limitations.  Uranus’s erratic nature will dislodge and shatter crystallized forms. Neptune’s murky abyss will dissolve and absorb any and all that enter.


Besides the horrific events of the Middle Ages, in this time frame the Italian Renaissance flourished. The period also produced individuals of great spiritual character and uncompromising commitment and perseverance. Teresa of Avila and Joan of Arc were women of great resilience and courage; women warriors, yes, but in truth they were androgynous beings of the feminine-masculine unity, not duality.  In this current Eris Aries transit Fidel Castro, Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King were born,  champions for their respective  populations. Not male or female warriors, rather spiritual warriors who actualized love, compassion, and strength simultaneously. What these great personages had in common was that they were irritants in their culture whose dissonance awakened an equal and opposite response for change. All of these individuals were born under Uranus conjunct Eris in Aries, with the exception of Joan of Arc, whose life played out under the conjunction. Under the influence of Uranus and Eris in Aries, Lindbergh soloed,  and Amelia Earhart became first woman to fly  the Atlantic


Uranus and Eris will conjoin twice more during the current transit. The next conjunction occurs on September 25, 2016 and portends potential new traumas, as both planets will be in their retrograde phases. Retrogrades, in general, overlay a Uranian/Aquarian archetype. In their ‘backward’ movement they create objectivity and distance allowing all the ‘re’ words, review, revisit, reimage, rethink, and so on.


There are several significant features in the chart for this event.


The Sun in Libra is partile (same degree) conjunct Jupiter. Balance will be a catchword for this event as things have enormous potential to go out of balance in a big way.


Neptune Rx conjoins the Pisces lunar south node, which it rules. Mercury, conjoins the Virgo lunar north node, which it rules. Neptune and Mercury oppose each other. The tension between ‘what is’ and ‘what can be’ is stressed to the breaking point. The collective angst is tightened another turn. The imperative is to implement practical solutions that have real meaning.


Pluto in Capricorn stations direct. A planet (or node) stationing intensifies the impact of the planet at that degree as the planet remains fixed on that point for an extended period of time.  The changes that Pluto has wrought since it entry into Saturn’s sign are multitude as the very foundations of the ‘reality’ that we take for granted is shaken, in some cases to the ground.


Saturn in Sagittarius tightly squares the lunar nodes forming a T-square with Mercury, Neptune, and the lunar nodes. There are too many holes in the bucket of truth. There is no longer the possibility for a future built upon a foundation that only supports the few. The line is drawn in the sand: the future cannot be just a repeat of the past.


We are observing in Eris the same effect as the grain of sand in the oyster. The take-away is to know that whatever happens is for a reason. The intention of the Soul is not suffering. What happens to each of us is our own personal evolutionary project. What happens to our country and to the planet is a group effort. We can move it along more easily if we are all doing it consciously. When things get dicey remind yourself that we were never promised a comfortable journey…only a safe landing.

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