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The Water Triad:

The Nature of Consciousness

"For reasons not always at the time explicable, there are specific occasions when events begin suddenly to take on a significance previously unsuspected; so that, before we really know where we are, life seems to have begun in earnest at last, and we ourselves, scarcely aware that any change has taken place, are careening uncontrollably down the slippery avenues of eternity."

--Dancing to the Music of Time: First Movement, Anthony Powell

What is the nature of consciousness? All of creation has consciousness—minerals and stones, plants, animals, and humans.  Consciousness has the attribute of water. Like water it fills every space that it passes through. Consciousness also takes the nature of each form that it enters. The consciousness of stones is determined by the nature of stone.  The consciousness of plants is determined by the nature of plants. The consciousness of animals is determined by the nature of an animal. Human consciousness is determined by the nature of being human. Clearly, the consciousness of plants and minerals is different than animal or human consciousness.  Plants eat the minerals, and we eat the plants. Minerals and plants are both our food and our medicine.  Minerals and plants are here unconditionally to support us, and they wait patiently for us to ask for their help.   All of the indigenous and many ancient culture were attracted to gemstones for their energetic properties. Indigenous cultures throughout history have recognized the sacredness of many different healing plants. Animals are also here to support our well-being. Many sacrifice themselves to sustain us as a food source. On a higher level they are here as our companions.  Many of us consider our animals to be part of our family. What mineral, plant, and animal consciousness have in common, is that for the most part, their consciousness is on an instinctual level. Their behavior is centered on survival.  We have also observed that animals do exhibit behavior that suggests a higher level of being—a mind capable of logical reasoning as well as the retention of emotional memories and connections that can become the basis of behavior. There is a Hindu teaching, however, that posits that only Man can know God. Obviously this remains an idea, which we might not be able to prove or disprove.

From an astrological perspective we can gain impressions of the dynamics of human consciousness through the water triad of the Moon/Cancer, Pluto/Scorpio and Neptune/Pisces. Pisces and Neptune are framed in the context that  describe the same thing: All-That-Is, Creation, the zero point field of consciousness, Source Energy. This archetype can be described in a water context as The Ocean.


So…what is the nature of the ocean? The ocean contains an infinite number of waves. The Soul is the wave.  Each soul has its own individual identity or ego.  Source experiences itself through all of its parts.


The Ocean contains an infinite number of Waves within it Self. Each Soul has their own individual focus of consciousness, or ego.  The Soul can also be described as the Ocean. Each Soul also creates  individual waves, individual egos, or single conscious points of focus, as it projects into Time and Space.  The Soul

also learns about itself through its many parts, through the experiences of many lifetimes.  The Soul imagines its uniqueness, and projects into Time and Space in order to experience and learn about itself. In that creative imagining, the illusion of separation is also created.   Pluto represents the Soul--the deepest portion of the wave that below the surface is still connected to the ocean. Astrologically, Pluto carries the deepest security needs of the Soul,  via its memory of all of its peak emotional experiences, lifetime after lifetime. The Soul has a dual desire nature. The first desire is the desire to separate from Source, to learn about itself through the experiences of the 5 senses, in time and space. The Soul consciously pursues desire after desire hoping each accomplishment or acquisition will satisfy that deepest need for security—by pursuing money, career, relationship, power, and so on. The second of the Soul’s desires is the single desire to return to Source, which is finally realized after countless lifetimes of exhausting all of the other separating desires

In order to have a center of conscious awareness, the Soul creates a single point of focus, an ego, via the Moon.  From lifetime to lifetime, we pick up where we left off. The Moon is our conditioned Self that contains the emotional imprint of all of the Soul's lifetimes. This is our egocentric focus, our sense of security, when we are safe, when we are not safe, when we are in love. Ego is not a bad word.  If we did not have an ego, we would not know our own name.  Using the analogy of a movie projector, conscious is light that streams through the projector. Without focus the images is blurred and impossible to perceive. Our ego is the lens that is the focus of our consciousness. The Moon is the tip of the Wave, our moment-to-moment interaction with our world. Cancer and the Moon represent our emotional body, which is our inner guidance system. It is the Moon that tells us when we feel safe or are threatened.


The Soul’s journey of consciousness can be charted through the trinity of the water signs. From Aries and Mars, first house, through 2nd House Taurus, & 3rd House, Gemini, the instinct to separate births us, we form a relationship to our essential resources needed for survival, including our relationship with our selves, and we seek to understand our environment through the formulation of language and mental constructs.

It is in Cancer, and the 4th House, the Moon’s sign and house, where we see ourselves for the first time—our self-image is formed, and we begin life with a sense of who we are. That self-image is projected outwards via Leo & 5th House, and in 6th House Virgo and 7th House Libra we see the contrasts between our self and others, and form relationships that mirror ourselves and learn who we are and who we are not.


It is in the Pluto and Scorpio’s native 8th House that we realize that which we are not. We become aware of our limitations and recognize those forces outside of our selves that we recognize as essential resources with which we are compelled to merge. This is Pluto driving the Soul’s constant state of becoming.

As we move through the above the horizon houses, 9th through 11th we encounter the broad Sagittarian diversity of beliefs in our world and how we are being asked to conform to society, Capricorn/Saturn. In Uranus’ and Aquarius 11th House we have experiences that actualize our individuality, catalyzing us to liberate from the past conditioning that has caused us to repeatedly create our future from our past, lifetime after lifetime. Finally in the 12th House, Pisces and Neptune’s native locality, we literally “find our selves” as Neptune’s magic works to dissolve everything that stands between Source energy and us. Pisces is the archetype that enables us to finally turn the corner from all of the outer world desires that are maintaining the illusion of separation. It is Neptune and Pisces that lead us finally to the realization, that we are not the wave, nor the body, nor the mind. We are of and from Source and we come to understand that the only real and lasting security is through surrendering, and aligning consciously with Source energy.

"We can only learn to know ourselves and do what we can, namely, surrender our will and fulfill God's will in us."

--Saint Teresa of Avila


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